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Choosing the right metal detector

Choosing the right metal detector

Protecting your brand in the marketplace is one of the most important functions that a food manufacturer performs. But your investment establishing a reputation for product quality could be lost with just one safety recall. Developing and maintaining an effective, verifiable inspection program is no longer an option for processors; actually, it never was.

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Horizontal Motion Conveyors Question and Answers

A Gentle Revolution: Horizontal Motion Conveying Systems

Conveyors have transformed food manufacturing and have become instrumental in the design of efficient production lines. Blake Svejkovsky, Heat and Control General Manager - Product Handling Systems, recently sat down to explain the impact of the horizontal motion conveyor on the potato chip and french fry industry.

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Four things that count when weighing

Four things that count when weighing

Weighing is an essential component in every consumer goods production line, and as a primary tool for portioning, it is imperative that its performance remains at optimal levels to ensure product quality while minimizing giveaway. Because computer combination weighing (CCW), i.e., multihead weighing, is well-known to accelerate the packaging process, here are four important factors when using multihead weighing/scale systems to weigh anything from food and non-food consumer goods to pharmaceutical products.

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Seasoned and Coated Snack Foods

Choosing the optimal continuous coating system

A coated product’s success often depends on the quality and the consistency of its finished product. Working directly with customers to identify the correct process and equipment usually leads to success, and the ability to choose from a diverse offering of equipment increases the likelihood of finding a coating system solution that works for a variety of applications, in both food and non-food markets.

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Innovator Magazine Issue #3
Innovator Issue #3

When it comes to the crunch

Read about our new mega factory in India, our South African facility celebrating over 25 years, potato chip processing, and our feature story explaining how a well-designed coating system will maximize coating adhesion to ensure high-quality finished product.

Innovator Magazine Issue #2
Innovator Issue #2

Make your mark!

Read about our latest technology for potatoes, inspection, acrylamide, weighing, and our rotary brander which can differentiate your product with an appetizing just-grilled finish.

Innovator Magazine Issue #1
Innovator Issue #1

Adding more value to food

Read about innovations in fryer systems, a wide-range of ovens, and how you can add value to your products with our coating systems for nut snacks.

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