Heat and Control

Built on decades of innovation and passion, the Heat and Control brand of processing technology is known as the benchmark in the food industry and synonymous with high quality, performance, and efficiency. A Heat and Control system offers years of reliable operation, provides measurable return on investment and creates food products that your consumers come back to.

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FastBack Product Handling Systems

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The industry’s choice for delivering gentle, clean, and smart line solutions. FastBack has transformed the conveying, product handling and snack seasoning industry with clever thinking and design.

Spray Dynamics Seasoning and Coating Systems

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The leader in coating and seasoning application precision. Spray Dynamics enables you to produce products of consistently fine quality and flavor, with little-to-no waste.

Mastermatic LDKF Batch Fryers

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Mastermatic provides cost-effective, reliable solutions for companies of all sizes and offers a wide range of frying technologies for the snack and prepared food industries.

Ishida Weighing and Packaging Systems

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Since 1893, Ishida has innovated weighing, packaging, and quality control solutions for many industries and applications worldwide.

CEIA Metal Detectors for Food and Pharmaceuticals


Quality control is at the core of CEIA development of the most advanced electronic and mechanical technologies for detection of contaminants accidentally present in a broad range of food and consumer products.

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