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Maintain oil quality ensure product freshness

Every component of our oil management solutions are designed to maximize oil quality and improve energy efficiency. With advanced control over oil heating, filtration, transfer, cooling, and storage, as well as rapid oil turnover rate, you'll be able to create fresh and delicious products.

Create great taste

Preserve oil quality and deliver fresh product taste with our highly effective systems.

Control temperature

Responsive temperature adjustments throughout the process reduce thermal damage to the oil, maintaining quality and minimizing sanitation delays.

Process more responsibly

Help reduce oil pollution and maximize energy savings with sustainable and environmentally-safe operations.

Oil Management

Oil Sweep De-oiling System
Oil Sweep De-oiling System™

Strip fried potato products of surface-oil prior to freezing and packing. The stripped oil is recovered through a bank of cyclones and returned to the fryer oil…

OilSaver filtration system for fryers
OilSaver Filtration System

Preserve frying oil quality by removing solids (coating and crumbs), extends the life of frying oil with continuous high efficiency filtration down to 10 microns…

Oil filtration for snack and prepared food lines
Mastermatic Continuous Paper Filter

Continuously remove ultra-fine product particles that quickly damage oil and product quality. The disposable filter paper continuously "polishes" oil to keep…

Oil cooling module for prepared food fryers
Oil Cooling Module

Before a fryer can be cleaned, its cooking oil should be cooled to 250°F (121°C) or less prior to draining or "thermal shock" damage to the fryer can occur.…

Paper filter for prepared foods frying equipment
Continuous Paper Filter

Continuously remove flour, breading crumbs, batter, nut sediment, and other fines to keep frying oil clean. The disposable filter paper continuously "polishes"…

Heat and Control Fryer Support Module with fryer system
Fryer Support Module

Factory-assembled fryer support modules centralize all continuous fryer support equipment to speed up installation, to save floor space, and to simplify…

Oil holding tanks for continuous and batch fryer systems
Oil Holding Tanks

Safely stores cooking oil during fryer system cleaning and maintenance.

Oil Make Up and Transfer Pump Set with Fryer Support Module
Oil Make Up & Transfer Pumps

Our cooking oil pump sets provide reliable fresh oil make-up and transfer for snack and USDA-style fryer systems.

Booster Heater with Heat Exchanger
Booster Heater

The Booster Heater preheats cooking oil by using normally wasted exhaust gases and is mounted over the stack of most any heat exchanger or firebox.

Oil heating equipment for frying lines
Coil-Type Heat Exchanger

Space-saving vertical design quickly and gently heats circulating cooking oil and keeps tubing free of particulate accumulation. The low oil volume promotes fast…

Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger reduces air pollution and water usage
Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger

Pre-heat your fryer system’s cooking oil, heat water for sanitation, or heat your building using energy you normally don't use.

Heat and Control Heat Recovery System
Heat Recovery System

Convert typically wasted fryer exhaust heat into usable energy for HVAC, equipment operation, sanitation, or food processing.

Horizontal Heat Exchanger with Booster Heater System
Horizontal Heat Exchanger

Produce fast, uniform heating of cooking oil with no hot spots. This compact, horizontal design features easily inspectable stainless steel oil tubing and high…

Man operating Heat and Control's KleenHeat Heat Exchanger
KleenHeat® Heat Exchanger

KleenHeat offers high energy efficiency oil heating combined with highly effective pollution control removing oil, odors, and particulates from fryer exhaust.

Filter fine particles from prepared foods
Continuous Belt Filter

Continuous filtration of flour and other fine particles (fines) from frying oil improves your oil quality and ensure products will taste fresher and have a…

Drum pre-filter with fryer system
Drum Pre-Filter

Fines are continuously removed from frying oil by a revolving metal-mesh drum helping to minimize oil exposure to fines and reduces clean-up time by preventing…

Fryer support module with KleenSweep Centrifugal Separation System
KleenSweep® Centrifugal Separation System

The centrifugal filtration of the KleenSweep provides continuous removal of fines from cooking oil to improve your product’s quality, is simple to operate, and…

Mastermatic Canister Filter with fryer and oil support module
Mastermatic Canister Filter

Improve product and oil quality by continuously removing crumbs and carbonized particles from batch and continuous fryers. Particles are easily cleaned from…

Motorized Catch Box for Snack Food and Corn Product Oil Filtration
Motorized Catch Box

Continuously remove particles from cooking oil or water for improved product quality and efficient equipment operation.

Automatic Centrifuge de-oiling potato chips
Automatic Centrifuge

Centrifugal force quickly and gently reduces the oil content of batch fried potato chips and other foods.

Remove surface oil to lower fat content in potato chips
Low-Fat Stripping System

Our surface oil removing system naturally and without using solvents, reduces the fat content of potato chips, french fries, and other fried foods so you can…


I love Heat and Control's commitment to problem solving and innovation. We feel more at ease working a project and know it's going to be represented and done right.

Heat and Control Testimonial from UTZ Quality Foods
Jeff Fuhrman
Executive VP Of Engineering, UTZ Quality Foods

Heat and Control had the equipment, quality, and reputation that we were looking for. Their sales, project management, installation, and start-up was excellent and very professionally handled.

Heat and Control Testimonial from Tastee Choice
Nithin Poulose
Junior Vice President of Operations, Tastee Choice

At Gold Creek Foods, we measure success by exceeding our customers' expectations; we succeed by partnering with companies like Heat and Control that also go the extra mile.

Heat and Control Testimonial from Gold Creek Foods
Blake Wikle
General Manager Of Prepared Foods, Gold Creek Foods

Every phase of the project exceeded our expectations... In my long experience in this industry that is a very rare thing. I sleep very well at night!

Heat and Control Testimonial from Better Made Snack Foods
Mike Schena
President And COO, Better Made Snack Foods, Inc.
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