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Weigh, wrap, and label with equipment that lasts

The Ishida Commercial Products (ICP) line-up provides elite but economical solutions from smart scales to automated wrap, weigh, and label machines. Whether you’re a supermarket, greengrocer, fruit and vegetable grower, butcher, fishmonger, food processing center, delicatessen, or bakery, ICP can provide you with industry-leading equipment.

Stay approved and certified

All Ishida products are C-Tick compliant, Country of Origin Labels approved, and National Measurement Institute approved for trade within Australia.

Wrap faster

Reduce waste and labor costs and improve productivity with precise wrapping and increased accuracy and automation.

Weigh and label accurately

Never over- or under-calculate weight and quickly print clear, attractive labels with correct price, weight, and compliance information.

Retail Scales & Equipment

    Automatic Food Labelling
    AL-AI High-speed Automatic Labeller

    Increase productivity with the Ishida AL-AI high-speed price labeller which automates the task of pricing food products, such as bento boxes or other prepared dishes.

    INS-100 Price Calculating Scale
    INS-100 Price Calculating Scale

    Maximize your work space with this highly functional compact design for precise weighing performance.

    IPC Series Dual Ranging Compact Scales
    IPC Series Dual Ranging Compact Scales

    Ishida's economical, portable electronic scales available in four sizes for light weight weighing.

    WM-AI autowrapper
    WM-AI High Speed Automatic Weigh/Wrap/Labeller

    Increase productivity and sales with this automated wrapper, integrated scale, and label applicator.

    WM-Nano Table Top Auto Wrapper with Printer
    WM-Nano Table Top Auto Wrapper with Printer

    Improve productivity with the high speed weigh, wrap, and label capabilities of the Ishida WM-NANO.

    Ishida IG Series Platform Scale
    IG Series Platform Scale

    The Ishida IGX-IGB series is a market-leading platform scale used to accurately weigh dry goods for a range of applications.

    WPL-AI weigh price labeller
    WPL-AI Weigh Price Labeller

    A robust, easy-to-operate weigh price labeller for fast-paced production lines.

    Ishida IW Series Platform Scale
    IW Series Platform Scale

    Constructed of water-proof stainless steel, the Ishida IW Series of platform scales is ideal for wet food applications as it can be washed and sprayed with water, allowing for easy cleaning.

    IP-AI Prepack Weigh Price Labeller
    IP-AI Prepack Weigh Price Labeller

    The Ishida IP-AI is a superior label printing scale for pre-packed products in supermarkets and food processing centers.

    UNI-3 label and printing scale
    Uni 3 Weigh Labelling Scales

    Ishida's economical label and fast printing receipt scale for products weighing up to 15kg.

    Uni 5 weigh labelling scale
    Uni 5 Weigh Labelling Scales

    The Ishida UNI-5 is a user friendly label printing scale with a color touch screen.

    Uni 7 weigh labelling scales
    Uni 7 Weigh Labelling Scales

    Ishida's superior label and receipt printing scale for fast paced retail environments.

    Uni 9 Weigh Labelling Scales
    Uni 9 Weigh Labelling Scales

    Ishida's fast speed receipt and label printing smart scale, with high definition customer facing screen.


    At the completion of the project, all objectives and critical criteria have been met and the results have overwhelmingly surpassed all expectations.

    Heat and Control Review from Maple Lodge Farms
    Kevin Shaw
    Director Of Continuous Improvement, Maple Lodge Farms, Ltd.

    I love Heat and Control's commitment to problem solving and innovation. We feel more at ease working a project and know it's going to be represented and done right.

    Heat and Control Testimonial from UTZ Quality Foods
    Jeff Fuhrman
    Executive VP Of Engineering, UTZ Quality Foods

    Heat and Control has never let us down. They have been with us every step of the way during our manufacturing journey and is why we continue to go to Heat and Control as we grow and we need new pieces of equipment.

    Heat and Control Review from Local Oven
    Todd Fitzerman
    Owner, Local Oven

    We chose Heat and Control because of their competitive price and good reputation for service after the sale…Their sales and project management people were very helpful and have a lot of experience in our industry.

    Heat and Control Review from Brimhall Foods Company
    Michael Patrick
    General Manager, Brimhall Foods Company, Inc.
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