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Meet hygiene and sanitation priorities with smart modular designs

We look at all aspects of your plant and proposed equipment, then design a customized support structure and platform system that meets hygiene standards, drives efficiency, reduces installation time, and helps manage costs.

Gain a timeline advantage

Our modular design and pre-fabrication allow you to accelerate start-up.

Meet hygiene & safety standards

Our designs incorporate the latest industry hygiene and operator safety standards so you can ensure sanitation compliance and product safety.

Improve the bottom line

Up-front preparation increases your control over schedules and overall project costs.

Cartridge Precision support structure

Cartridge Precision Support System

A cost-effective pre-engineered, pre-wired, and pre-piped modular support structure that ensures that precise integration of a FastBack distribution system.

Every phase of the project exceeded our expectations... In my long experience in this industry that is a very rare thing. I sleep very well at night!

Heat and Control Testimonial from Better Made Snack Foods
Mike Schena
President And COO, Better Made Snack Foods, Inc.

At Gold Creek Foods, we measure success by exceeding our customers' expectations; we succeed by partnering with companies like Heat and Control that also go the extra mile.

Heat and Control Testimonial from Gold Creek Foods
Blake Wikle
General Manager Of Prepared Foods, Gold Creek Foods

Each piece of the puzzle fit perfectly, and we completed the installation days early - unprecedented for the size and scope of the project! The equipment met all of our expectations, and continues to perform exceptionally well, 17 hours per day and six days per week.

Heat and Control Review from Lopez Foods
Rich Garofolo
Plant Manager, Lopez Foods
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