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We know what to do with corn

We help you develop and maintain a unique and consistent flavor and texture for all your cooked corn products. From masa production to forming, toasting, conditioning, and frying capabilities, our systems produce the finest corn and tortilla chips, taco shells, tostadas, and tortillas.

Engineering expertise

Innovative technology developed through years of experience and expertise due to long term relationships with corn processors around the world.

Built to last

Our systems are designed to create maximum productivity, optimize cleaning processes, and deliver decades of reliable performance.


From start-ups to high-volume operations, our corn processing systems are versatile and efficient, and always maintain the highest quality.

Continuous frying of tortilla chips with fryer support module
Corn Products Fryer

Maintain frying consistency of tortilla chips, corn chips, and tostadas with an externally-heated continuous oil circulation fryer that achieves higher capacities, lower production costs, and superior product quality.

Heat and Control's Dynamic Action Fryer for Snack Foods
Dynamic Action Fryer®

Respond quickly to changing trends and get to market faster with a compact and versatile fryer that will produce many kinds of snack food products.

Continuous fryer system for formed taco shells
Taco-Form® Frying System

Our fully automated and high volume taco fryer continuously forms and fries perfect taco shells.

Corn processing plant with Heat and Control's Masa Maker
Masa Maker™

The Masa Maker is the world's first corn masa making system that creates fresh, high quality masa in a fraction of the time with virtually no water usage at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional systems. Control your masa’s quality and flavor profiles to match your brand’s recipe.

Industrial corn washing equipment
Corn Washer

Consistently maintain the unique flavor and texture of your products made from cooked corn by precisely controlling the washing process.

Sheeting equipment for tortilla chips, tortillas, and corn products
Paragon™ Sheeters

Sheet the most uniform chips, tortillas, tostadas and taco shells with this robust and precise sheeter.

Tortilla processing and toasting equipment
Tortilla Toaster Oven

Precisely control toasting conditions for the most uniform tortilla chips and tortillas.

Prevent blistering of fried corn products with the Corn Products Conditioner
Corn Products Conditioner

After toasting, chips have a soft, moist center covered by a dry skin. Without conditioning, frying causes internal moisture to expand rapidly, creating blisters which can break open or fill with oil.

Corn products processing and cooking equipment
Corn Soak Tank System

After simmering and cooling, corn is immediately and gently pumped into soak tanks. This loosens the hulls and produces corn with the desired moisture content and texture for milling.

Automatic diverting valve transfers corn from holding hopper to simmer kettles beneath
Corn Cooking Systems

With our cooking system you’ll have precise control of dry corn batching, simmering, and cooling, with consistent repeatability of your recipe. Our systems are tailored to your unique process requirements to produce the finest corn products.


Heat and Control provided tremendous support throughout the purchase, installation, and commissioning of our new line. They were the only vendor that was on schedule… in fact they were ahead of schedule. Heat and Control were the only ones who kept their promises and completed everything they said they would.

Heat and Control Testimonial from Festida Foods
Kyle Curtiss
President, Festida Foods

Each piece of the puzzle fit perfectly, and we completed the installation days early - unprecedented for the size and scope of the project! The equipment met all of our expectations, and continues to perform exceptionally well, 17 hours per day and six days per week.

Heat and Control Review from Lopez Foods
Rich Garofolo
Plant Manager, Lopez Foods

I love Heat and Control's commitment to problem solving and innovation. We feel more at ease working a project and know it's going to be represented and done right.

Heat and Control Testimonial from UTZ Quality Foods
Jeff Fuhrman
Executive VP Of Engineering, UTZ Quality Foods

Every phase of the project exceeded our expectations... In my long experience in this industry that is a very rare thing. I sleep very well at night!

Heat and Control Testimonial from Better Made Snack Foods
Mike Schena
President And COO, Better Made Snack Foods, Inc.
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