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New Products

Ishida i-Fort Production Monitoring and Data Management Systems
i-Fort Production Monitoring and Data Management Systems

Ishida i-Fort improves production efficiency with centralized management that collects data from all Ishida machinery and devices in your production line. This enables operators to quickly analyze the production line and to detect problems.

Oil Sweep De-oiling System
Oil Sweep De-oiling System™

Strip fried potato products of surface-oil prior to freezing and packing. The stripped oil is recovered through a bank of cyclones and returned to the fryer oil recovery system. Solid fines are separated, and the reusable oil is transferred back into the frying system.

OilSaver filtration system for fryers
OilSaver Filtration System

Preserve frying oil quality by removing solids (coating and crumbs), extends the life of frying oil with continuous high efficiency filtration down to 10 microns.

Equipment for continuous dry roasting of nuts
Rotary Dryer Roaster

A continuous multi-zone convection system that provides optimal drying/roasting in a gentle, and sanitary manner. First-in, first-out production and even heating with a smart, step-spiral, and flighted drum design achieves uniform drying and roasting.

Vertical form fill seal bagging machine
Inspira Series Snack Food Bagmaker

Ishida's Inspira is the world's best performing VFFS bagmaker for snack foods and offers industry leading accuracy, sealing integrity, ease of use, and productivity.

Snack bags packed in a corrugated carton
Automated Snack Food Case Packer ACP-700 Series

Realize the benefits of leveraged automation and dependable case packing for small and large bag sizes and multiple pack patterns with a machine that has one of the industry’s smallest footprint.

New Horizon Controls & Information System for Potato Chip Line
New Horizon Controls System

New Horizon is a controls system that provides a way for manufacturers and operators to visualize live status, to receive timely advice, and to benefit from Heat and Control's experience and expertise.

FastBack's modular support structure for food processing and packaging lines
Cartridge Precision Support Systems

This cost-effective pre-engineered, pre-wired, and pre-piped modular support structure is designed to couple with any adequate supporting structure. This ensures that precise integration of a FastBack distribution system occurs in your plant.

Ensure long continuous runs on twin packaging lines
Left Right Center Diverting Weigher Infeed

The FastBack Left Right Center (LRC) is a compact double multihead weigher feed solution designed to provide a precise, consistent product stream to Ishida's patented back-to-back CCW 218 twin weigher. 

Cheese puffs and extruded snacks seasoned with slurry mixture
Slurry On Demand® Continuous Mixer

The recipe-driven, tankless, continuous mixer automatically and accurately mixes seasonings and liquids into homogeneous, lump-free slurries in the desired quantity demanded downstream, significantly reducing wasted ingredients and operator start-up and cleaning time. It eliminates the inherent flaws of standard mix and use tank systems.

E-FLO electroporation for potato chips and french fries
E-FLO® Electroporation

Using Pulse Electric Field Processing (PEF) the patent protected E-FLO Electroporation System can achieve higher yield and reduced processing costs, as well as a reduction in acrylamide formation and oil content, for a tastier, healthier product. 

Corn processing plant with Heat and Control's Masa Maker
Masa Maker™

The Masa Maker is the world's first corn masa making system that creates fresh, high quality masa in a fraction of the time with virtually no water usage at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional systems. Control your masa’s quality and flavor profiles to match your brand’s recipe.

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