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Take product safety and quality assurance to the next level with Ishida

Manage risk and improve quality by finding foreign objects and detecting product defects before they reach the consumer.

Get peace of mind

Rest assured that your products are thoroughly inspected for the full spectrum of foreign bodies at unrivalled sensitivity levels.

Industry leading technology

Ishida maintains its position as an industry leader with leading X-ray inspection systems that can detect foreign bodies of the lowest densities, greatly outperforming more conventional models on the market.

Grow customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty and your brand reputation by consistently ensuring that the best quality products reach your consumer.

Ishida IX-PD X-ray Inspection System
IX-PD Series X-ray Inspection System

The photon counting dual energy IX-PD series X-ray machine employs an alternative sensor and accompanying image processing technology to give our highest sensitivity and accuracy of low-density and minute foreign object contaminant detection. This technology differentiates with high accuracy between product and foreign objects, reducing the rate of erroneous detection.

Perform high-sensitivity detection of the widest range of foreign matter
IX-GN Series X-ray Inspection System

The highest sensitivity and accuracy of low- and high-density contaminant detection is possible thanks to a proprietary 7-step image analysis technology coupled with Ishida’s Genetic Algorithm (GA) image processing. IX-GA provides optimal sensitivity to an unrivaled range of foreign objects, including stainless steel, metal, glass, plastic, bone, and rubber.

Ishida IX-EN Series X-ray for food processing lines
IX-EN Series X-ray Inspection System

Enhance quality control on your production line, both affordably and effectively, thanks to Ishida’s Genetic Algorithm (GA) image processing and 5-stage image analysis. This system provides reliable X-ray inspection for detecting a range of high- and low-density foreign bodies, such as stainless metal, glass, plastic, bone, and rubber as well as identification of product defects and weight estimation.

X-ray inspection for overlapping food products
IX-G2 Series X-ray Inspection System

By combining a dual energy sensor with Ishida's GA technology, the IX-G2 will detect the smallest low density and thin contaminants, such as bone, shell, metal, glass, and rubber.

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