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Gently deliver product where and when it's needed with the industry’s leading solution

FastBack's patented slow-forward and fast-back horizontal motion technology has transformed the conveying market. With over 20,000 units worldwide, FastBack is the conveyor of choice for challenging products like salads, snacks, fresh chicken, cookies, candies, and many other food products.

Clean & sanitary

Reduce pan buildup and sanitation down-time - ideal for full washdown environments.

Gentle product handling

Reduce product breakage, coating loss and prevent product segregation.

Maintain confidence

10-year mean time before failure and 5-year drive train warranty.

Horizontal Motion Conveyors & Feeders

    FastBack 4.0 Horizontal Motion Conveyor
    FastBack 4.0 Horizontal Motion Conveyor

    The patented circular to linear motion design gently handles the product so it is undamaged and the coatings are undisturbed, providing the ultimate performance and flexibility and the industry’s highest travel rates and flow rate capacity.

    Conveying frozen poultry to weighers
    Horizontal Motion Conveyor 90E/260E-G3

    Gently transport product by cycling through slow-forward and fast-back horizontal motion, which neither damages product nor disturbs coatings, while providing the fastest product travel rates, maximizing product distribution efficiency.

    Blending vegetables
    Blending Systems

    Achieve the complex task of producing balanced blends by providing consistent component streams, metering components with dependable accuracy, and conveying blended components without segregation.

    FastBack FastLane feeding potatoes to slicers
    FastLane Slicer Infeed Conveyor

    The space-saving FastLane combines the gentle horizontal motion of the FastBack Model 260E-G3 with a multi-lane pan that singulates product for delivery into multiple rotary slicers, reducing slicer overload and improving slice quality.

    Ensure long continuous runs on twin packaging lines
    Left Right Center Diverting Weigher Infeed

    The FastBack Left Right Center (LRC) is a compact double multihead weigher feed solution designed to provide a precise, consistent product stream to Ishida's patented back-to-back CCW 218 twin weigher. 

    Conveying and proportioning tortilla chips
    Revolution® Proportional Gate 3.0

    This groundbreaking proportional distribution system by FastBack uses unique cylindrical outlets that rotate to divert a proportional portion of product, so the main product supply continues to flow as it allocates amounts to individual weigher/bagmaker stations. Downstream stations are no longer "starved" and do not need to wait for product.

    Easily remove load cell tray without using tools
    WeighBack Weigh Conveyor

    Designed to improve the productivity of your weigh-conveying operations with better accuracy, gentle conveying for less breakage, and less maintenance than standard weigh belts.


    Testing at Heat and Control's Hayward facility was truly the decision maker for this project. Having the equipment set up as it would be in a production facility gave us the opportunity to test our products through several scenarios achieving optimal results.

    Heat and Control Review from Kar's Nuts
    Matt Spence
    Operations Manager, Kar’s Nuts

    Every phase of the project exceeded our expectations... In my long experience in this industry that is a very rare thing. I sleep very well at night!

    Heat and Control Testimonial from Better Made Snack Foods
    Mike Schena
    President And COO, Better Made Snack Foods, Inc.

    I love Heat and Control's commitment to problem solving and innovation. We feel more at ease working a project and know it's going to be represented and done right.

    Heat and Control Testimonial from UTZ Quality Foods
    Jeff Fuhrman
    Executive VP Of Engineering, UTZ Quality Foods

    Heat and Control provided tremendous support throughout the purchase, installation, and commissioning of our new line. They were the only vendor that was on schedule… in fact they were ahead of schedule. Heat and Control were the only ones who kept their promises and completed everything they said they would.

    Heat and Control Testimonial from Festida Foods
    Kyle Curtiss
    President, Festida Foods
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