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Fast and accurate filling systems to keep your portions under control

Deposit accurately weighed portions of a wide variety of packaged products into bottles, cans, or trays. Flexible designs are available for many applications, including fresh and frozen foods, nuts, and health products.

Increased automation

Whether bottles, trays, cartons, or cans, continuous filling provides an opportunity to increase output and efficiency.

Advance communication

Integrate with associated weighing and conveying systems to improve packaging efficiency.

Focus on hygiene

Controlled no-mess filling meets USDA design for easy sanitation.


    Industrial equipment for filling trays, bowls or cartons
    Dual Axis Funnel Follower

    Precisely transfer weighed portions of a wide variety of food products from your weigher into trays, bowls, or cartons.

    Filling equipment for food processing and packaging lines
    Product Transfer Shuttle

    Precisely deposit product from your weigher to multiple filling positions on intermittent motion horizontal bagging or thermoforming packaging machines.

    Fill up to 90 containers per minute
    Rotary Can Filler

    This continuous motion rotary can indexing and filling system delivers precise net weight packaging of dry free-flowing products into cans, jars, or canisters.

    Equipment for filling salad into trays
    Rotary Salad Filler

    Ishida's Rotary Salad Filler offers an automatic, high speed solution for filling of a variety of salad products into preformed trays or bowls.

    High speed tray and carton fillers
    Vertical Raceway Tray and Carton Filler

    Controlled, continuous and compact multi-lane filling of dry, fresh, or frozen products from a multihead weigher into trays, cartons or bowls.


    Heat and Control had the equipment, quality, and reputation that we were looking for. Their sales, project management, installation, and start-up was excellent and very professionally handled.

    Heat and Control Testimonial from Tastee Choice
    Nithin Poulose
    Junior Vice President of Operations, Tastee Choice

    At Gold Creek Foods, we measure success by exceeding our customers' expectations; we succeed by partnering with companies like Heat and Control that also go the extra mile.

    Heat and Control Testimonial from Gold Creek Foods
    Blake Wikle
    General Manager Of Prepared Foods, Gold Creek Foods

    At the completion of the project, all objectives and critical criteria have been met and the results have overwhelmingly surpassed all expectations.

    Heat and Control Review from Maple Lodge Farms
    Kevin Shaw
    Director Of Continuous Improvement, Maple Lodge Farms, Ltd.
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