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Processing speed and accurate, efficient weighing are crucial to ensure success in the cannabis industry

Precise weighing benefits cannabis processors by ensuring compliance with regulations and by assuring that customers receive the amount of product indicated on the packaging. Consistently providing accurate amounts of product establishes a reputation of credibility which can lead to repeat business and loyalty and maintains customer trust.

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Regulatory bodies set strict standards for product measurements to ensure fair trade practices as well as to protect consumers. Adherence to these regulations is essential to avoid legal consequences and to maintain a reputable business. The cannabis industry is heavily regulated and cannabis processors are legally required to provide accurate records of product processed, so the selected multihead weigher must be able to comply with relevant regulations and standards for the cannabis industry. This includes any legal requirements related to weighing and packaging. When factoring in the high price of cannabis, minimizing waste and avoiding product giveaway are instrumental factors to succeed.

Also, using an accurate weigher demonstrates a commitment to ethical business practices, and businesses that prioritize accuracy in weighing convey a sense of professionalism and responsibility.


Another area that concerns cannabis processors is the speed at which product can be packaged, so consideration of the production volume and speed capabilities of the weigher advised. Ideally, a weigher maintains accuracy even when processing at high speeds. An accurate weigher which minimizes errors and needed corrections maximizes production time, streamlines the packaging process, and contributes to operational efficiency.

The multihead weigher should be able to integrate seamlessly with existing packaging equipment and other machinery for a smooth and efficient production line and overall productivity.

An additional area related to efficiency that cannabis processors should consider is the amount of time required to clean equipment. Because cannabis is a regulated product, processing equipment must meet hygiene standards. Multihead weighers that are designed to allow easy access to areas requiring cleaning allow operators to easily and thoroughly clean, minimizing the risk of contamination between batches.


Many cannabis products are delicate and some have specific requirements for handling. If this is a concern, the cannabis processor should ensure the selected multihead weigher can process the specific type(s) of cannabis product without compromising quality or damaging product.

The multihead weigher should be built with durable construction materials that can withstand the demands of continuous use in a production environment. This ensures a long lifespan and reduces maintenance and possibly training costs. A multihead weigher that offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive control system that is easy for operators to understand simplifies the operation and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Before final selection, consult with industry experts and consider specific product requirements, and if possible, test the equipment with actual cannabis product(s) to ensure it will meet production needs.

CCW-RV Micro Multihead Weigher

Ishida CCW-RV Micro Multihead WeigherThe Ishida CCW-RV Micro Multihead Weigher (Micro), a flexible production solution with a small footprint, delivers the highest productivity and the lowest product giveaway for very small target weight portioning. A leader in the cannabis industry, it meets the stringent weight accuracy requirements for cannabis products, such as gummies, edibles, dried flower, and crumble. The Micro enables unsurpassed accuracy weighing for small package weights and its special load cell measures as low as 0.01g load increments so combination target weights can be as low as 0.5g at up to 120 weighments per minute. To compensate for buildup and to recognize possible issues with weights, the weigher re-zeros the buckets while running. Micro also ensures high quality, reduces labor costs, and improves yields with reliable automated systems.

Multihead Weigher HoppersTroughs, hoppers, and chutes are removable without using tools to make cleaning quick and easy. With minimal space between the main body and discharge chutes, the Micro design minimizes product spillage during production.

Feb 07, 2024
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