Cannabis weighing, filling, and packaging

Ensure productivity, efficiency, and quality

Take your cannabis packaging room operations to the next level with our industry leading technologies that will help you meet demand while ensuring high quality and low giveaway.

Cannabis being weighed on micro weigher for packaging

CCW Micro Weigher

Weigh with extreme accuracy and reduced giveaway. The Ishida Micro multihead weigher is capable of handling ultra-low target weights at high speeds with unsurpassed accuracy, weighing 0.5 to 50.0g portions at up to 120 weighments per minute.

Metal detection and inspection of packaged marijuana

Inspection Solutions

Ensure quality and protect your customer from contaminants with an Inspection strategy.

Protect your consumer and your brand with industry-leading package testing and contaminant/metal detection technology using a variety of systems that can be configured to suit your operation.

Cannabis Conveying System

Lift & Tip Vertical Conveyor System

Compact and highly sanitary conveyor system that gently moves your cannabis products vertically to feed your weighing and packaging operation.

Your inspection strategy checklist

Metal Detection for Cannabis / Marijuana Industry

Metal Detection

Gain quality control confidence with high performance metal detection systems.

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X-ray Inspection for Cannabis / Marijuana Industry


Manage risk and improve quality by finding foreign objects before they reach the consumer.

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Check weighing for Cannabis / Marijuana Industry


Accurately verify a package's weight or count and detect missing components.

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Do you need expertise when it comes to edibles?

Cannabis Edibles and Gummies

We have been in the food industry since 1950 and have supported new and emerging categories to find efficient ways to create high quality products and keep up with growing demand using smart automation. We provide a wide range of food cooking, coating, seasoning, flavoring, weighing, packaging, and inspection solutions supported by a team of food technologists and engineers who can help build your line.

Check out how we help the food industry improve yield, efficiency, and safety.

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Custom equipment systems for cannabis weighing and packaging

Integrated solutions designed for your business

We help you offer your customers better products by engineering and building customized process and packaging lines featuring start to finish integration.

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