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Corn Frying, Toasting & Conditioning

    Continuous frying of tortilla chips with fryer support module
    Corn Products Fryer

    Maintain frying consistency of tortilla chips, corn chips, and tostadas with an externally-heated continuous oil circulation fryer that achieves higher capacities, lower production costs, and superior product quality.

    Continuous fryer system for formed taco shells
    Taco-Form® Frying System

    Our fully automated and high volume taco fryer continuously forms and fries perfect taco shells.

    Tortilla processing and toasting equipment
    Tortilla Toaster Oven

    Precisely control toasting conditions for the most uniform tortilla chips and tortillas.

    Prevent blistering of fried corn products with the Corn Products Conditioner
    Corn Products Conditioner

    After toasting, chips have a soft, moist center covered by a dry skin. Without conditioning, frying causes internal moisture to expand rapidly, creating blisters which can break open or fill with oil.


    Heat and Control provided tremendous support throughout the purchase, installation, and commissioning of our new line. They were the only vendor that was on schedule… in fact they were ahead of schedule. Heat and Control were the only ones who kept their promises and completed everything they said they would.

    Heat and Control Testimonial from Festida Foods
    Kyle Curtiss
    President, Festida Foods

    We are always looking for products that surprise our customers in both innovation and quality, and this system has helped us to lower production costs and become more productive in our processes without neglecting quality. Masa Maker has helped us succeed in both areas.

    Heat and Control Review from Fiesta Charras
    Raul Leal
    General Director, Fiesta Charras

    We chose Heat and Control because of their competitive price and good reputation for service after the sale…Their sales and project management people were very helpful and have a lot of experience in our industry.

    Heat and Control Review from Brimhall Foods Company
    Michael Patrick
    General Manager, Brimhall Foods Company, Inc.
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