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Prepared Food Fryers

    Industrial AirFry System for Prepared Foods
    AirFry System

    A high performance industrial linear air frying system that provides a means to continuously produce a “fried-like” product using a controlled application of topical oil followed by the uniform flow of pressurized, high velocity cooking atmosphere from an impingement oven.

    Frying breaded meat, poultry, seafood and other prepared foods
    Breaded Products Fryer

    Efficient and superior frying of a wide variety of breaded and uncoated prepared food products.

    Heat and Control's Mastermatic Prepared Foods Fryer
    Mastermatic Prepared Foods Fryer

    Accurately control temperature and conveyor speed with this direct-heated continuous fryer that can process a wide variety of prepared food products.

    Frying prepared foods
    MasterTherm Prepared Foods Fryer

    This thermal fluid direct heated fryer cooks each piece of product at the same temperature for consistently uniform color and texture.

    Fried prepared foods
    Mastermatic Heavy-Duty Batch Fryer

    Our batch fryer is the ideal entry-level fryer for a new snack or prepared foods business. It's a heavy-duty fryer used for commercial batch frying and pilot production of chips, nuts, french fries, fried chicken and many other foods.

    Frying battered chicken on compact fryer
    Mastermatic Compact Fryer

    Ideal for food service and commissaries, this compact continuous multi-product fryer is an excellent alternative to batch frying.


    Each piece of the puzzle fit perfectly, and we completed the installation days early - unprecedented for the size and scope of the project! The equipment met all of our expectations, and continues to perform exceptionally well, 17 hours per day and six days per week.

    Heat and Control Review from Lopez Foods
    Rich Garofolo
    Plant Manager, Lopez Foods

    At Gold Creek Foods, we measure success by exceeding our customers' expectations; we succeed by partnering with companies like Heat and Control that also go the extra mile.

    Heat and Control Testimonial from Gold Creek Foods
    Blake Wikle
    General Manager Of Prepared Foods, Gold Creek Foods

    At the completion of the project, all objectives and critical criteria have been met and the results have overwhelmingly surpassed all expectations.

    Heat and Control Review from Maple Lodge Farms
    Kevin Shaw
    Director Of Continuous Improvement, Maple Lodge Farms, Ltd.
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