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Snack Food Fryers

    Complete potato chip frying line for snack foods
    Potato Chip Fryer

    This market-leading fryer is used to produce most of the world’s potato chips. As the industry standard, our potato chip fryer delivers superior product quality, clean operation, and total reliability.

    Continuous frying of tortilla chips with fryer support module
    Corn Products Fryer

    Maintain frying consistency of tortilla chips, corn chips, and tostadas with an externally-heated continuous oil circulation fryer that achieves higher capacities, lower production costs, and superior product quality.

    Equipment for frying fried pork skins or pork rinds
    Pellet Popper

    Fry-pop pellet-based snacks and extruded collets with total control to create high quality fresh product that has a long shelf life.

    Roasted nuts
    Oil Roaster

    Specially designed for low oil volume, precise temperature control, and clean operation, this is the ideal high-capacity roaster for uniform roasting of all varieties of nut meats.

    Heat and Control's Dynamic Action Fryer for Snack Foods
    Dynamic Action Fryer®

    Respond quickly to changing trends and get to market faster with a compact and versatile fryer that will produce many kinds of snack food products.

    Stackable fabricated chips
    Fabricated Chip Fryer

    Form and fry consistently uniform stackable potato chips. Our proven continuous fryer and conveyor designs deliver identical single-curve chips with consistent color and long shelf life.

    Mastermatic Nut Roaster for nut snacks line
    Mastermatic Nut Roasting System

    A turnkey system that continuously processes a variety of nuts, leading nut processors count on our roasting systems for high quality products.

    Food processing machinery snack food fryer
    Mastermatic Snack Food Fryer

    Accurately control temperature and conveyor speed with this direct-heated continuous fryer that can process a wide variety of snack food products.

    Batch frying equipment for snack foods
    Batch Fryer

    Our Batch Fryer produces the world’s best kettle-fried potato chips.

    Frying kettle chips - Mastermatic LDKF with hood up
    Mastermatic LDKF Batch Fryer

    A compact batch fryer that will produce up to 300 lbs. (136 kg) an hour of uniform, kettle-style potato chips.

    Batch frying kettle chips with MasterTherm Kettle Fryer
    MasterTherm Kettle Fryer

    This thermal fluid heated kettle (batch) frying system will produce any style of kettle chips with high accuracy and consistency.

    Fried prepared foods
    Mastermatic Heavy-Duty Batch Fryer

    Our batch fryer is the ideal entry-level fryer for a new snack or prepared foods business. It's a heavy-duty fryer used for commercial batch frying and pilot production of chips, nuts, french fries, fried chicken and many other foods.

    Frying battered chicken on compact fryer
    Mastermatic Compact Fryer

    Ideal for food service and commissaries, this compact continuous multi-product fryer is an excellent alternative to batch frying.

    Heat and Control's MasterTherm Fryer for Snack Foods
    MasterTherm Snack Food Fryer

    This thermal fluid direct heated fryer cooks each piece of product at the same temperature for consistently uniform color and texture.

    Batch frying kettle-style chips
    Mastermatic Batch Fryer

    This compact and economical batch fryer produces superior kettle-style potato chips.

    Frying boondi namkeen with HeatWave Snack Fryer
    HeatWave® Snack Fryer

    A patented and proven breakthrough fryer design that cooks snacks using curtains of clean filtered oil instead of submersion. The oil enrobes your products, transferring heat quickly and uniformly. Efficiently fry with multiple curtains of oil and operate with dramatically lower oil volume than conventional fryers.

    Processing hard-bite kettle style potato chips
    Universal Product Cooker

    This clever economical fryer utilizes independent fryer modules integrated into one continuous system, so you can produce kettle-style, traditional potato chips and other types of snacks from the one fryer.

    HeatWave Fryer frying ring shaped pellet snacks
    HeatWave® Pellet Snack Fryer

    A patented and proven breakthrough fryer design that cooks pellet snacks using curtains of clean filtered oil instead of submersion. Our efficient system expands pellets with multiple curtains of oil, operating with a dramatically lower oil volume than conventional fryers.

    Heat and Control's Unitized Vacuum Fryer
    Unitized Vacuum Fryer

    This fryer system eliminates the external vacuum chamber, excess floor space, and labor and creates its own internal vacuum, boiling off product moisture at a lower temperature to produce snacks from high-sugar products without browning.

    Plantain and banana chips production
    Plantain & Banana Chip Fryer

    Fry repeatably consistent plantain and banana chips with an externally-heated continuous oil circulation fryer that achieves higher capacities, lower production costs, and superior product quality.


    I love Heat and Control's commitment to problem solving and innovation. We feel more at ease working a project and know it's going to be represented and done right.

    Heat and Control Testimonial from UTZ Quality Foods
    Jeff Fuhrman
    Executive VP Of Engineering, UTZ Quality Foods

    Every phase of the project exceeded our expectations... In my long experience in this industry that is a very rare thing. I sleep very well at night!

    Heat and Control Testimonial from Better Made Snack Foods
    Mike Schena
    President And COO, Better Made Snack Foods, Inc.

    Testing at Heat and Control's Hayward facility was truly the decision maker for this project. Having the equipment set up as it would be in a production facility gave us the opportunity to test our products through several scenarios achieving optimal results.

    Heat and Control Review from Kar's Nuts
    Matt Spence
    Operations Manager, Kar’s Nuts
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