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CCW Multihead Weighers

Ishida, the inventor of computer combination weighing (CCW), developed the first ever multihead weigher in 1972 transforming production lines forever.

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Fresh chicken on multihead weigher
Fresh Chicken

Poultry line feeds cut-up pieces to an Ishida multihead screw feeder weigher which gently but firmly propels the sticky fresh chicken into hoppers fitted with scraper gates.

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Marinated chicken on multihead weigher
Marinated Chicken

A top barbecue-ready chicken producer has used an Ishida Screw Feeder multihead weigher to improve both speed and accuracy in the packing of sticky marinated chicken pieces.

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Frozen chicken on multihead weigher
Frozen Chicken

Operating in a harsh food packing environment, an Ishida CCW-RVE-214/70 multihead weigher achieves excellent accuracy and reliability on frozen chicken pieces.

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Ishida Screwfeeder Scale for Weighing Fresh Poultry

Screw feeder multihead weigher for poultry

Rotary screw feeders enable accurate multihead weighing of fresh meat, poultry, seafood, cooked pasta, or other difficult-to-handle sticky products in order to achieve optimal speed and accuracy results.

Industrial weighing and packaging of fresh chicken

Fresh chicken weighing and packaging

RV weighers have the industry's most water-resistant construction and offer high performance with a sanitary design, automatic set-up, fast product delivery, and unparalleled accuracy.

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