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January 25, 2018

From its introduction in 1947, the hard-shell taco quickly grew in popularity—Americans are expected to eat more than 4.5 billion tacos annually.

Heat and Control's Taco-Form uses their patented concave/convex continuous motion taco shell mold forming process to consistently deliver properly-shaped taco shells. Its efficient modulating gas-fired burner system lowers operating costs, reduces downtime, and gives precise temperature control, resulting in more uniform color and moisture in the finished product. Dual fuel, electric and steam-heated systems are also available.

Starting with corn masa production and continuing through their sheeter, oven, fryer, and counting/stacking systems, Heat and Control offers a complete solution. Rigorous round-the-clock production demands over years have refined our system, making it trouble-free, with minimal maintenance requirements. Taco-Form is fully automatic and features rugged, all stainless steel construction that comes standard with an automatic fryer loading system and a pre-wired control panel.

Heat and Control can also provide a total corn preparation system to meet exacting requirements. From simmering, cooling, soaking, and washing to grinding, we will custom design a solution to fit your specific process and plant requirements.

Taco frying line equipment

OUT THE FACTORY DOOR - Delivery of a Taco-Form system out of our Hayward manufacturing facility

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