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December 27, 2017

Two-stage batter-fry french fry fryerHeat and Control is experiencing an increase in global demand from the food industry for comprehensive processing, product handling, and packaging solutions. Their China manufacturing facility recently delivered a French fry fryer system and anticipates a steady flow of orders from food manufacturers interested in improving efficiency, meeting changing consumer expectations, government legislation, and enhancing food quality.

The custom manufactured French fry system includes the impressive Oil Sweep De-oiling system, a flexible batter coating system that can be moved in and out of operating mode when required, as well as the popular two-stage multi-zone cooking feature that allows processors to customize cooking conditions for a choice of coated and uncoated French fries.

This integrated system has 17,000 kg/hr (37,400 lbs/hr) capacity and includes a batter applicator design that allows for frying of coated and uncoated fries by simply moving the coating equipment into and out of position. A comprehensive fryer plus oil management system is a key design feature that ensures high product quality, taste, and shelf life. The two-stage batter-fry fryer offers both multi-zone cooking ability and better control of oil temperature delta-T for more uniform cooking. The Oil Sweep De-oiling system removes surface oil to produce a better French fry and the Steam Heat Exchanger provides efficient and gentle heating of the cooking oil, superior temperature responsiveness to load changes, and exceptional low system oil volume. An important feature that ensures all these elements are working efficiently is the Fryer Support Module. This module comes fully pre-wired and pre-piped for fast and easy installation, is designed to match the fryer parameters, and will ensure proper performance of the complete frying system.

Heat and Control builds French fry and Formed Potato Product systems for the global potato industry with capacities up to 31.8 metric tons/hr (70,000 lbs/hr) and supplies complete lines, including potato unloaders, storage, processors, seasoning and coating applicators, conveyors, weighers, inspection, and packaging equipment, all supported by post-sale service and technical support.

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