December 2, 2016

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on November 4th, 2016 to celebrate the development of a new manufacturing site for Spray Dynamics.

The new facility will be located in Union, Missouri USA, and will initially employ 50-60 personnel with the ability to expand to over 100 employees in years to come. The building will be located on a 13.32-acre green field site and the total manufacturing and office areas will be approximately 103,000 square foot. The project has been engineered by Washington Engineering & Architecture Inc. and is expected to be completed by third quarter 2017.

Heat and Control acquired Spray Dynamics in 2011 and the last five years has seen significant global growth in demand for coating seasoning and flavoring application solutions. Spray Dynamics has brought to the Heat and Control catalogue, the industry’s best in class engineering and manufacturing solutions for controlled application of liquid and dry ingredients. This new facility will offer the latest in manufacturing capability, modern office and engineering space, product testing rooms and also allows for future site development.

A key feature of the new facility is a demonstration / trial center that will provide comprehensive testing capability across a wide range of Heat and Control products. This site offers the ability to test an integrated line of processing, conveying, coating and packaging equipment. R&D teams can perform a complete test start to finish or individual as required with the direct assistance of Spray Dynamics expertise. The room will be approximately 50’Wx75’L and features an inspection and instrumentation room for product attribute testing during trials, walk in refrigerator and freezer and a temperature control system that can mock plant conditions.

“This Groundbreaking Ceremony celebrates the visible beginning of a new chapter for Heat and Control and Spray Dynamics and I would like to thank the Spray Dynamics team for their dedication and hard work to reach this milestone.”

Tony Caridis
President, Heat and Control Inc. 

3d rendering of new Heat and Control Spray Dynamics Factory

Since 1952, Spray Dynamics has developed applications for a very wide range of products, both food and non-food and has served the snack industry since 1970. Spray Dynamics engineers and manufacturers applicators for oils, seasonings, vitamins, tack and release agents, chocolate, syrups and candy coatings, anti-oxidants, polishing wax, and anti-clumping agents.

Between Spray Dynamics liquid and dry application, FastBack on machine seasoning and Heat and Control in kitchen seasoning, the widest range of coating, seasoning and flavor application is available from one extremely experienced and knowledgeable source.

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