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December 1, 2017

Heat and Control's New Hampshire factory recently delivered a coating and frying system to a large, East Coast seafood processor to handle their new production line requirements. The system consists of SureCoat batter applicators, SureCoat breading applicators, a Mastermatic fryer, and horizontal and incline transfer conveyors.

The seafood processing company is a longtime Heat and Control customer, and naturally looked to them to equip the additional line, having benefitted from their heavy-duty equipment and responsive customer service for more than two decades.

Seafood frying lineCoating System

The SureCoat batter applicator (BA) uniformly applies batters and marinades to all surfaces of formed and natural products. With the BA, manufacturers only need one applicator for all coatings as it can easily switch between submersion and waterfall applications. All surfaces and cavities are thoroughly coated, and the double basket filters continuously protect product and pump.

The SureCoat breading applicator (BD) is designed to extend belt life and for full accessibility for thorough sanitation, resulting in less downtime. The BD's unique design features and rugged construction deliver fast changeovers and reliable operation while ensuring uniform coating coverage.

Frying and Conveying System

The Mastermatic direct-heated continuous fryer's multiple heating zones provides optimal temperature control and the low oil volume produces fresh, crisp foods with a long shelf life.

The inclined horizontal transfer conveyor includes a pivoting end which deposits the coated products directly into the oil at the infeed of the fryer. The conveyor uses a stainless steel (SS) belt and utilize stainless drive lugs. The SS conveyor frame has a hygienic design with all joints completely welded and polished for simple cleaning and sanitation. In addition, operators can manually remove the SS collector pan during sanitation.

Complete Systems

Heat and Control builds food processing and product handling equipment for the food industry, and it can also integrate complete lines and systems, including equipment for unloading, washing, storing, seasoning, coating, cooking, frying, roasting, conveying, weighing, inspecting, and packaging, all supported by post-sale service and technical support.

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