Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notification

March 13, 2020
Updated March 19, 2020

Our leadership team has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation actively and has been working to minimize any impact to our customers, potential customers, partners, and employees. Our goals are to protect the health and well-being of all concerned and to keep our focus on customer-related activities and deliverables.

At the inception of COVID-19, we formed a task force proactively to evaluate critical business needs, some of the actions included procuring critical materials, increasing our spare parts and obtaining essential supplies. This team continues to work on a daily basis to communicate with our supply chain to adapt to the ever-changing conditions. As a global organization, we have positioned ourselves to have multiple sources of supply and manufacturing points for each of the products we offer.

We have cancelled all non-critical domestic and international air travel, but we will continue to communicate proactively about any/all potential disruptions to the appropriate client contact through existing web tools to address your needs.

All our facilities are following social-distancing protocols and modified working conditions have been implemented. A majority of our team currently is working from home, and we have strategies in place to maintain productivity. In addition, we have suspended non-business critical visitor access at all facilities/offices globally until further notice.  All employees and approved visitors must strictly follow guidance that has been provided by the World Health Organization ( and the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

Thank you in advance for your trust, patience, and partnership.


Tony Caridis

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