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Fresh Cut Produce

Vegetables, salad and fruit systems

Heat and Control supports you with efficient and reliable equipment solutions for raw and fresh cut vegetables, salad, and fruit. Let us bring our world-leading knowledge, experience, and technology to your fresh produce project.

Fresh Produce and Salad Multihead Weighers
Multihead Weighers

The fresh cut industry's top choice

Ishida fresh produce weighers deliver fast, sanitary weighing and unmatched accuracy.

Vegetable, Salad, and Fruit Tray Fillers

Fast and accurate filling systems

Deposit accurately weighed portions of a wide variety of packaged products into bottles, cans, or trays. Flexible designs are available for many applications, including fresh and frozen foods, nuts, and health products.

Fresh Produce Conveying and Blending

Smart and flexible conveying that keeps your line running smoothly

We provide a wide variety of innovative and dependable conveying and product handling systems to move product through the line as efficiently as possible.

Potato Crate Dumper
Potato/Vegetable Preparation

We’ve got your potato and vegetable prep covered

Gain access to all the equipment and expertise you need to efficiently transport, wash, peel, slice, and dice root vegetables—raw or cooked.

Your inspection strategy checklist

Metal Detection for Fresh Produce

Metal Detection

Gain quality control confidence with high performance metal detection systems.

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X-ray for Fresh Produce


Manage risk and improve quality by finding foreign objects before they reach the consumer.

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Checkweighing for Fresh Produce


Accurately verify a package's weight or count and detect missing components.

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