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For our requirements at (our company), the SE weighers have proved the ideal solution. They are extremely reliable and accurate and able to handle anything that we ask of them.

Company Representative
Pet Food Processing & Packaging Line

Ishida CCW-SE3 Series Multhead Weigher

The perfect entry-level weighing solution to introduce faster, more accurate fixed-portion weighing to your production line.

For this reason, the company needed a weighing solution that could cope with a huge range of target weights (from 7g to 10kg [0.25–0.35oz]) and pack formats–including zipper and block bottom bags and plastic tubs and pots – while offering fast changeovers and excellent accuracy and reliability.

Pet Food Weighing and Packaging

The company prides itself on the high quality of all its products. Pack consistency is an important part of this, and the Ishida weighers are delivering pinpoint accuracy, with average giveaway of less than 1% across all target weights. Speeds are wholly dependent on the filling system and pack type so the top speed of the SE range–up to 90 packs per minute–is more than sufficient. For the packing of 7g (0.25oz) sachets for a pet advent calendar, the weigher is running at around 60 packs per minute.

With so many different products, fast and efficient changeovers are essential and the pre-sets on the Ishida multiheads enable the requirements for each individual product setting to be quickly called up on the remote-control unit (RCU).

The intuitive operation of the weigher’s RCU and the availability of instructions and prompts in different languages also ensure ease of operation The SE weighers–three 14-head and one 10-head model–are in operation for up 16 hours each day and have proved extremely reliable. “We have never had any problems with any of the weighers,” confirms a company representative. In addition, as part of its commitment to quality, the company’s factory operates to the highest hygiene standards, including a thorough cleandown of the weighers at the end of each shift. Thanks to the Ishida CCW-SE’s easy-clean design, with simple to remove and interchangeable hoppers, the company reports that this can be carried out in only 10–15 minutes.

The company not only manufactured pet food but was a specialist in meat products. They purchased their first Ishida multihead for the meat company in 1998 and they have continued their working partnership with the company ever since. “Just as we set great store by quality in all our businesses, so we look for the same from our suppliers, and when we get this we stay with these companies,” a representative explains. “We have always been pleased with the high levels of performance from our Ishida weighers and the excellent service and fast-response support we receive.

Combination Weighing Pet Food Products“For our requirements at (our company), the SE weighers have proved the ideal solution. They are extremely reliable and accurate and able to handle anything that we ask of them. With these weighers, everything is possible, and this means we can meet our customer promises and continue to deliver the highest quality products and service.”

The company’s mission is to make high quality treat products for both dogs and cats, fulfilling the needs of pet owners who want the very best for their pets. As a family run business, the company is able to adapt quickly to the requirements of its customers and is continually investing in its quality technology and environmental processes. In 2018, the company was named as one of the fastest growing companies in their region.

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