Although the company records very few rejects (approx. 7 out of 100,000 bottles), the presence of the Ishida side beam X-ray inspection system allows them to offer their customers extra evidence of their production quality.

Factory Manager
Ishida X-ray Machine Touchscreen

Ishida IX-GA X-ray Machine

The sophisticated Genetic Algorithm image processing software analysis accurately coupled with Ishida's unique five-level image processing software safely and reliably detects foreign objects including stainless metal, glass, plastic, bone, and rubber.

The chosen solution was an Ishida IXGA-B3043 side-beam unit. Partly owing to Ishida’s unique Genetic Algorithm, which greatly improves image processing, the system offers best-in-class sensitivity and can pick up even tiny pieces of metal, glass, bone, shell, grit, plastic, or hard rubber.

This model has plenty of headroom (12.2in [310.0mm]) in its inspection chamber for upright containers, yet the geometry of the chamber and its infeed and outfeed is such that radiation is fully contained without the need for curtains. Its footprint is the shortest of any side beam system on the market, making it easier to fit in when line space is limited. The system also offers automatic bottle pitch control.

Like the other models in the Ishida IX-GA range, the side beam X-ray offers excellent interaction (via Ethernet or cards) with existing information systems to provide secure, retrievable records. Its color touchscreen interface is simple to learn and operate and the whole system is designed for fast, easy cleaning.

Ishida Baby Bottle X-ray Inspection System

Ishida Inspection Equipment Line

The 6-layer polypropylene bottles for the company are made off-site. On arrival, they are trimmed and rinsed before entry into a cleanroom where they are sterilized, then presented at the filling station. The filled bottles are sealed with foil under an inert atmosphere. After leaving the cleanroom, they are subjected to X-ray inspection for fill level and for contamination, and pack and seal integrity are checked. Labelling is also checked, before they are placed in cartons and palletized. Following this the bottles remain on-site for at least three weeks in order to allow full time for thorough analysis of the results of the many tests each batch of product undergoes. The product itself has a shelf life of nine months.

The new line is producing about 6,000 bottles per hour with a high degree of confidence. A factory manager explains:
“Although we record very few rejects (something of the order of seven units per 100,000 bottles), the presence of the Ishida inspection system on our line allows us to offer our customers extra evidence of our production quality.”


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