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A primary reason for working with Ishida is the fact that they have a full range of fast and reliably accurate machines for confectionery packing, at a time when we are increasingly dedicating individual machines to specific products.

Ishida Multihead Weighing Machines for Candy Applications

Anti-stick surfaces

Ishida weighers are available with anti-stick surfaces and contact parts to keep oily or large flat products from blocking product flow and slowing down packaging speed.

weighing for confectionery

Chewy jellies come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. For weighing and packing purposes, they fall into two main categories. On separation from their molds, the jellies can be oiled, to give a shine, or sugar-sanded for a more traditional look.

Sugared jellies are relatively easy to handle and is weighed by 16-head double discharge multihead weighers, the small footprint allows for two fast weighers into the space of one larger one. They’re very flexible and offers operational efficiency, while one is running the other can be cleaned.

Oiled jellies are much more inclined to stick, especially in the case of products such as ‘fried eggs’ or ‘rings’, where there are relatively large flat surfaces. In this situation one weigher is dedicated to each product, the number of heads helps to make up for a relatively slow-moving product.

Glazed liquorice is comparable to oiled jelly in stickiness. Mixtures of liquorice candies are also weighed on 14-head weighers with special contact parts. Among the weighers used for the oiled jellies are single-discharge 14-head weighers with anti-stick contact parts, including metal mesh in the hopper gates.

Marshmallows, dusted with sugar or corn flour, are handled on a 16-head double discharge weigher mounted over twin bagmakers, filling 17.6oz (500g) and 2lb,12oz (1.25kg) bags. The weigher has spacious 6.3-gal (3L) hoppers to accommodate this bulky product.

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