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Complete Snack Food Line Solutions

From raw to packaged product, Heat and Control's complete systems produce high quality natural potato chips, corn and tortilla chips, roasted nuts, and other snacks, plus taco shells, corn tortillas, and tostadas. Our snack processing and packaging machinery leads the industry in technology and innovation.

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Snack Food Processing Equipment

Most of the world’s potato chips are produced with Heat and Control equipment. Every machine features innovative technology developed through years of experience in delivering snack food systems around the world. Built for decades of reliable operation and low lifecycle costs, Heat and Control systems consistently deliver unique quality for every snack brand.

Seasoning & Coating

Snack Food Seasoning Equipment

Our snack seasoning equipment provides consistent, uniform, and increased seasoning coverage for many kinds of snack products. Spray Dynamics® is a leading innovator of equipment for the controlled application of liquid and dry ingredients on a wide range of food products. The company has built equipment since 1952 and served the snack food industry since 1970.


Snack Food Conveyors

Our product handling equipment include product transfer systems, horizontal motion conveyors, accumulation systems, chip sizers, and on-line seasoning systems that provide a selection of dependable and economical equipment.

Packaging & Weighing

Snack Food Weighers and Packaging Equipment

We offer solutions from the world's leading snack packaging systems manufacturer, Ishida®, providing packaging room systems, from in-feed to the case packer, and everything in-between.


Snack Food Inspection Equipment

When it comes to food safety, Heat and Control provides the industry's most sensitive and reliable equipment with the latest inspection technology and offers sales, demonstrations, service, parts, and training on industry leading CEIA® metal detectors, Ishida checkweighers, and Ishida X-ray systems.

Controls & Information Systems

Snack Food Inspection Equipment

Rely on the same company that designs and builds the processing line to also supply operating and data management controls. As a certified systems integrator and hardware supplier, Heat and Control provides user-friendly controls utilizing widely available industry software. With access to all critical data points, these systems provide the responsive control and operating feedback to maximize productivity and help plan for greater efficiency.

FastBack, Spray Dynamics, Ishida and CEIA

Ishida Inspira VFFS Snack Bagmaker

Inspira is the next evolution of vertical form fill seal bagmakers and further improves accuracy, sealing integrity, ease of use, and productivity.


Ishida ACP-700 Automatic Case Packer

Integrated case erection and closing mechanism provide leveraged automation and dependable case packing for small and large snack food bag sizes and multiple pack patterns.


Corn Masa Maker System

Masa Maker is the world's first corn masa making system that creates fresh masa in a fraction of the time while using virtually no water and that reduces costs significantly compared to traditional systems.



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Why Heat and Control?

Heat and Control is one of the world's leading manufacturers of food processing, seasoning, coating, handling, packaging, and inspection equipment.


Global manufacturing footprint of more than 78,100 m2 (840,900 ft2)–the world's widest selection of food production machinery


More than 67 years of experience and expertise in project management, installation, and commissioning


Consistent results with the highest operational an food safety standards

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