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Micron-Pro™ can pay for itself in oil savings within one year

Micron-Pro™: Enlargement

No filter paper, additives, or consumable media

Operates with a low volume of cooking oil to reduce overall system oil capacity

High volume oil flow rate of 65 gallons/minute (246 liters/minute)

Automatic debris removal with no manual intervention

Removal of fines from oil flow and filter minimizes burning and oil degradation

Significant reduction of Free Fatty Acid formation

Safe, low pressure operation

Integrated clean-in-place system

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Micron-Pro™: detail #1
Micron-Pro passes oil through a durable flat bed screen inside a low pressure chamber before returning clean oil to your fryer or storage tank.
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Micron-Pro™ can pay for itself in oil savings within one year
Model FAMP-S&T  

Micron-Pro provides safe and efficient sub-micron filtration of cooking oil for snacks, nuts, breaded products, and other foods. Best of all, Micron-Pro can pay for itself within one year with oil savings, depending on application.

Micron-Pro FAMP-T Twin chamber Operation (Diagram in center)
1. Oil fills Chamber A until its pressure reaches 5-8 psi (0.35-0.56 kgf/cm2). Chamber A inlet valve closes and oil enters Chamber B.

2. Chamber A is pressurized up to 10 psi (0.703 kgf/cm2). This forces oil through the filter screen and dries out the sediment mass.

3. Chamber A is automatically depressurized. When pressure drops to 0 psi, the front door on the Chamber A opens and a push-plate deposits the sediment mass into your non-edible trash cart. The pushplate retracts and the filter door closes.

4. Oil enters Chamber A for filtration. When the pressure in Chamber B reaches between 5-8 psi the process repeats, automatically cycling between Chambers A and B for uninterupted operation.

Micron-Pro Single Chamber model
FAMP-S features the same low pressure filtration without alternating between two filter chambers.

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