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"We have increased belt life to 8 months since switching to the SureCoat breaders. We run our breading applicators up to 16 consecutive hours each day. Any time a breader belt fails the entire line must be shut down for belt replacement, and that quickly gets very expensive. Longer belt life is a big improvement, and the SureCoat breaders have proved to be reliable and durable." ..."We are also very pleased with the service and support provided by Heat and Control."
—Martin Beringer
Process Improvement Manager,
Brakebush Brothers, Inc.
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New peeler improves yield & product quality

New peeler improves yield & product quality

Designed for potatoes, root crops and vegetables peeled in abrasive/brush peelers, Heat and Control's patented VersaPeel® multi-stage batch peeler significantly reduces peel loss and improves finished product quality.

VersaPeel uses progressively finer abrasives and/or brushes for maximum peel removal, even within eyes and recesses. Potatoes finished in VersaPeel retain their natural shape and have a smooth, polished surface with virtually no flat spots, which reduces scrap generated by slicers and cutters. For fresh potato applications, the smooth finish minimizes the usage and carry-over of anti-oxidants onto finished product, and promotes a more stable product color.

Peel loss savings with VersaPeel can save processors thousands of dollars annually. For example, potato chip processors can greatly reduce the amount of fresh potatoes purchased and still maintain current production levels – or they can dramatically increase capacity without using more potatoes.

VersaPeel delivers better peeling control than continuous peelers because product is confined within the peeling chambers. "Short-circuiting" or product that escapes peeling by bouncing down the length of a continuous peeler is not an issue with VersaPeel. Dwell time, abrasive liners and brushes can be changed to suit different product grades offering outstanding flexibility in meeting quality standards.

Heat and Control also builds continuous and single-stage batch peelers, plus a complete line of truck unloading systems, dirt removal, sizing, bin storage, crate filling, dumping, metering and inspection conveyor systems for potatoes, root crops and selected vegetables.

For more information please visit Heat and Control's VersaPeel information sheet page or contact us at info@heatandcontrol.com.

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