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"In today's work environment companies make many promises. A great deal of promises are made, but most have a difficult time keeping those promises. Heat and Control is not one of those companies. ...It is quite refreshing to know that you will get what was promised, when it was promised. That is how I run my business, and what I expect from the people who supply me. Delivered as promised, no surprises, you cannot ask for more!"
—Philip Gusmano,
Vice-President, Better Made Snack Foods, Inc.
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Company News

Ishida Welcomes New President

Ishida Welcomes New President
For only the fourth time in its 117 year history, Ishida Co., Ltd. has a new company president – Mr. Takahide Ishida.

Takahide assumes leadership of Ishida’s worldwide operations from his father, Ryuichi, who held the position for over 42 years and who, as Chairman, will continue to play an active role in business functions.

With an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and having served as Board Director and General Manager of the Engineering Division and most recently as Vice President, Takahide has worked closely with his father to build Ishida’s strong business partnership with Heat and Control.

That partnership began back in 1979 with our introduction of the first Ishida multihead weigher to North America. Since then, our companies have worked together to continually push the envelope to develop innovative technologies that help our customers weigh, package and inspect their products better. The personal and business relationships that have developed between our two family businesses, and our common goal to serve our customers, will continue to thrive.

As Takahide puts it, “The changes in the company and the business environment that took place during my father’s presidency have been enormous. The pace of change is not likely to slow in the coming years, and we look forward to many interesting and exciting developments. I am confident that our overall business standards and values will remain constant, and will stand us in good stead.”

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