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"In today's work environment companies make many promises. A great deal of promises are made, but most have a difficult time keeping those promises. Heat and Control is not one of those companies. ...It is quite refreshing to know that you will get what was promised, when it was promised. That is how I run my business, and what I expect from the people who supply me. Delivered as promised, no surprises, you cannot ask for more!"
—Philip Gusmano,
Vice-President, Better Made Snack Foods, Inc.
"Accuracy and consistency has improved by nearly 30% . . . product scheduling flexibility has roughly increased by 50% because of the dynamic functionality of our packaging room now."
—David Faust
Vice President and General Manager
Pretzels, Inc.
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Product Handling Equipment

FastBack Revolution Proportional Gate 

Simply the most accurate and responsive method of distributing product, the Revolution Gate provides incredibly accurate proportional feed. Revolution eliminates product breakage during gate closure, seals completely to end cross contamination, and provides simple wipe-down cleaning. Proven in hundreds of wet and dry applications, Revolution Gate is inherently safe for both product and operators.
Enlarge Image FastBack Revolution® Proportional Gate - see Image Enlargement
FastBack Revolution® Proportional Gate
FastBack Conveyors with Revolution Proportional Gates insure consistent product distribution to multiple discharge locations for maximum operating efficiency.  
Enlarge Image FastBack Revolution Mid-Gate™ - see Image Enlargement
FastBack Revolution Mid-Gate™
Mount at beginning, middle or end of conveyor pan to eliminate product transfer pinch-points and get advantages of proportional distribution. Zero cross-contamination, reduced product breakage, and responsive full-open to full-closed speeds for all throughputs.    See Brochure >>
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