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Product Handling Equipment   

Fastback Horizontal Motion Conveyors 

FastBack technology has transformed the product handling market. It provides clean conveying, gentle product movement, ends product segregation, seasoning loss and buildup, and eliminates unscheduled downtime for sanitation. FastBack reliably conveys hard-to-handle products like salads, snacks, fresh chicken, cookies, candies, and many others, all with an energy efficient, versatile, and reusable drive, not to mention a full 5 year drive train warranty.

Learn more about the history, benefits and features of the latest innovation in horizontal motion conveying.    See our NEW white paper: Horizontal Motion or Vibratory Conveyors - How to select the best conveyor for your products. (web page)  (PDF) 
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FastBack FDX Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
FastBack FDX Conveyor
Our most powerful horizontal motion conveyor, FastBack FDX handles long product transfer pans and heavy loads for in-line accumulation, but its force displacement drive is 40% smaller than comparable inertia drive horizontal motion conveyors.  
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FastBack® 260E Horizontal Motion Conveyors - see Image Enlargement
FastBack® 260E Horizontal Motion Conveyors
The new FastBack 260E conveys heavier loads at faster transfer rates than any comparable conveyor, yet is friendlier to product and coating. Move over 60,000 pounds of product per hour and at 40 feet per minute.  
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FastBack® 90E Distribution Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
FastBack® 90E Distribution Conveyor
The compact FastBack 90E horizontal motion conveyor improves product transfer from distribution conveyors to high-speed multihead weighers for maximum packaging efficiency. Its small footprint is ideal for providing the most access around the weigher.  
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WeighBack Weigh Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
WeighBack Weigh Conveyor
Clean, accurate alternative to troublesome weigh belts. Load cells provide stable mass flow data to drive processing or packaging equipment. One user-friendly touch screen simplifies operation, offering a variety of control and data reporting functions.  
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FastBack ClimbBack Conveyor - see Image Enlargement
FastBack ClimbBack Conveyor
Horizontal motion-convey foods up inclines of 8-degrees for space-saving placement of distribution conveyors. New FastBack ClimbBack conveyors provide a sanitary alternative to traditional belt conveyors.
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