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 Food Industry - Potato Chips
Potato Chips

Producing the world’s best tasting potato chips, our industry leading end-to-end systems process and package the highest quality potato chip products.

Food Industry - Bakery Foods
Bakery Foods

We design equipment specifically for bakery food products, such as bagels, donuts, breakfast pastries, fruit-filled pies, cookies, crackers, and pretzels.

Food Industry - Candy & Confectionery
Candy & Confectionery

We supply coating, packaging, and inspection systems that can process all candy applications, from hard candies, toffees, gummy candies, and licorices, to chocolate bonbons and truffles.

Food Industry - Cereal

We provide reliable and efficient product handling, weighing, and inspection systems for breakfast cereals and other nutritional grains, from flakes to granola and oats.

Food Industry - Cheese

Our equipment processes sliced, diced, and shredded cheese solutions and includes conveying, weighing, and inspection equipment.

Food & Beverage Industry - Coffee & Tea
Coffee & Tea

Our equipment systems feature fast, accurate, and reliable solutions for coffee and tea applications from Arabica, Italian roast, and beans blends to black, green, and herbal teas.

Food Industry - Corn & Tortilla Chips
Tortilla Chips: Corn Cook

Start with dry corn and manage every step of the way including the cook, simmer, and soak process followed by our complete solution, start-to-finish, to make all shapes of tortilla chips.

Food Industry - Extruded & Legume Snacks
Extruded & Legume Snacks

We transform the raw recipe into the extruded, pulse, and legume snacks consumers know and love. We provide solutions to create cheese balls, cheese puffs, namkeen, and green peas.

Food Industry - French Fries
French Fries & Potato Co-Products

Our french fry and formed potato product systems are the workhorses of the industry. We process a broad range of styles, including straight cut fries, crinkle cut fries, curly fries, potato wedges, and variety of potato co-products. Working with our strategic partners, we are capable of full turnkey solutions, from potato receiving through palletizing.

Food Industry - Fruit Snacks
Fruit Snacks

Our dried fruit snack systems deliver the highest quality apple chips, as well as dried, blended, salted, and flavored fruit snacks.

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Improve Productivity and Quality With Specialized Potato Chip Fryer Designs

Producing the best potato chip depends on many factors, but the fryer is usually at the top of the list. Likewise, determining the best fryer design for a potato chip processor also involves many factors. Ultimately, product quality has the highest impact on the decision; however, floor space,…

Ishida i-Fort Production Monitoring and Data Management Systems
i-Fort Production Monitoring and Data Management Systems

Ishida i-Fort improves production efficiency with centralized management that collects data from all Ishida machinery and devices in your production line. This enables operators to quickly analyze the production line and to detect problems.

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Creating a More Resilient and Sustainable Food System

Heat and Control is committed to creating a more resilient and sustainable food system, and a primary area where our R&D teams are exploring is by reducing carbon emissions.

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NEW Pharmaceutical Metal Detection from CEIA®

Deliver unparalleled inspection with extremely high detection sensitivity for contaminating metals with CEIA - whether ferrous, non-ferrous, or stainless steel - for pharmaceutical products such as powders, capsules, tablets, and liquids.

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A Gentle Revolution: Horizontal Motion Conveying Systems

Gentle motion technology improves the finished product quality delivered to clients by eliminating product breakage, reducing or eliminating seasoning and coating fall-off, reducing sanitation down-time which increases productivity, and reducing ambient noise levels, positively impacting employee…

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70 Aniversario Video

Por 70 años, Heat and Control ha mejorado líneas de procesamiento y envasado de alimentos mediante equipos líderes del sector y experiencia única que brindan buenos resultados. Diseñamos, fabricamos y damos soporte a sistemas de procesamiento industrial, revestimiento, sazonado, transporte, pesaje…

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Choosing the right metal detector

How can you protect your customers and your brand within your budget? Metal detection is an effective and relatively inexpensive solution. While price, delivery, and other commercial considerations are important, technical performance must be the primary factor when evaluating a metal detector to…

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Choosing the optimal continuous coating system

A coated product’s success often depends on the quality and the consistency of its finished product. Working directly with customers to identify the correct process and equipment usually leads to success, and the ability to choose from a diverse offering of equipment increases the likelihood of…

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Four things that count when weighing

Because computer combination weighing (CCW), i.e., multihead weighing, is well-known to accelerate the packaging process, here are four important factors when using multihead weighing/scale systems to weigh anything from food and non-food consumer goods to pharmaceutical products.

Gentle-Flo® Storage and Handling System
Gentle-Flo® Storage and Handling System

A modular, programmable, short-term storage solution for fresh produce capable of selective filling, auto-leveling, and variable speed discharge.

Oil Sweep De-oiling System
Oil Sweep De-oiling System™

Strip fried potato products of surface-oil prior to freezing and packing. The stripped oil is recovered through a bank of cyclones and returned to the fryer oil recovery system. Solid fines are separated, and the reusable oil is transferred back into the frying system.

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Always Innovating

For 70 years, Heat and Control has been helping food, pharmaceutical, and other industries improve their products and better serve their customers. We are process and product technologists that bring science, imagination, and unmatched commitment to everything we do.

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Fresh Produce Solutions

Heat and Control supports you with efficient and reliable equipment solutions for raw and fresh cut vegetables, salad, and fruit. Let us bring our world-leading knowledge, experience, and technology to your fresh produce project.

CEIA THS/21-THS/MS21 Series Metal Detection
THS/21-THS/MS21 Series Metal Detection

The world’s only multi-spectrum metal detector provides unique detection capability and extreme sensitivity of magnetic, non-magnetic, and even stainless steel metal contaminants and is also available in a USDA-approved design.

IX-GN Series X-ray Inspection System
IX-GN Series X-ray Inspection System

The highest sensitivity and accuracy of low- and high-density contaminant detection is possible thanks to a proprietary 7-step image analysis technology coupled with Ishida’s Genetic Algorithm (GA) image processing. IX-GA provides optimal sensitivity to an unrivaled range of foreign objects,…

FastBack Horizontal Motion Conveyor 90E/260E-G3
Horizontal Motion Conveyor 90E/260E-G3

Gently transport product by cycling through slow-forward and fast-back horizontal motion, which neither damages product nor disturbs coatings, while providing the fastest product travel rates, maximizing product distribution efficiency.

Ishida IX-EN Series X-ray Inspection System
IX-EN Series X-ray Inspection System

Enhance quality control on your production line, both affordably and effectively, thanks to Ishida’s Genetic Algorithm (GA) image processing and 5-stage image analysis. This system provides reliable X-ray inspection for detecting a range of high- and low-density foreign bodies, such as stainless…

Ishida IX-G2 Series X-ray Inspection System
IX-G2 Series X-ray Inspection System

By combining a dual energy sensor with Ishida's GA technology, the IX-G2 will detect the smallest low density and thin contaminants, such as bone, shell, metal, glass, and rubber.

Ishida IX-GA Series X-ray Inspection System
IX-GA Series X-ray Inspection System

The IX-GA offers high sensitivity X-ray inspection of low-density contaminants. The sophisticated Genetic Algorithm image processing software analysis accurately coupled with Ishida's unique five-level image processing software safely and reliably detects foreign objects including stainless metal,…

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Integrated Packaging Solutions

We offer integrated solutions from the world's leading snack packaging system manufacturer, Ishida, including multihead weighers, fillers, snack bagmakers, seal checkers, and case packers.

OilSaver Filtration System
OilSaver Filtration System

Preserve frying oil quality by removing solids (coating and crumbs), extends the life of frying oil with continuous high efficiency filtration down to 10 microns.

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Snack Food Solutions

From unloading raw produce to frying, conveying, seasoning, packaging and inspection, we provide all the equipment and services required to make the highest quality snack foods while achieving higher capacities and lower production costs.

Mastermatic Batch Fryers

Efficient solutions for all your frying needs Mastermatic started its long legacy as one of the first manufacturers of industrial-sized continuous conveyorized frying systems. Building on this reputation with continued innovative engineering, the brand became known as the premier supplier to the…

Inside Spray Dynamics Coating Drum
Spray Dynamics

Seasoning and coating innovation meets precision application Spray Dynamics is known for being the first US-based brand devoted specifically to providing coating system solutions. Founded in 1952 by a baker in Southern California, its ever-expanding coating and seasoning systems have contributed…

Transforming the conveying, product handling, and snack seasoning industry

A trusted name for distribution and seasoning For decades, FastBack technology has been moving the industry forward by providing smarter solutions that improve distribution efficiency throughout the entire plant. A NASA engineer recognized the need for a robust, maintenance-free conveying solution…

Ishida Multihead Weighers with Pellet Snacks

STRATEGIC PARTNER World leading innovator of weighing and packaging equipment Since 1893, Ishida has innovated weighing, packaging, and quality control solutions for many industries and applications worldwide. Ishida is committed to making a producer’s ideal production line a reality. As the…

Industrial metal detection

STRATEGIC PARTNER World leading innovator of industrial metal detection systems Quality control is at the core of CEIA development of the most advanced electronic and mechanical technologies for detection of contaminants accidentally present in a broad range of food and consumer products. Extreme…

Urschel Size Reduction
Urschel Laboratories Inc.

STRATEGIC PARTNER Size reduction innovation Urschel equipment delivers quality-manufactured size reduction solutions for the food industry, helping food operators produce a wide array of cuts in the shortest amount of time. They continue to lead the world in size reduction technology and their…

Key Technology Vibratory Conveyors & Digital Sorters
Key Technology

STRATEGIC PARTNER Delivering world class digital sorting solutions Key Technology and Heat and Control have a long-standing history in providing value added service and quality equipment to our customers. The complementary nature of Key Technology’s sorting, grading, conveying, and processing…

CEIA Pharmaceutical Metal Detection
Pharmaceutical Metal Detection

CEIA's THS/PH21 Series metal detection systems offer superior sensitivity, construction quality, and reliability characteristics that make them the most suitable and effective solution to automatic elimination of metal contaminants in pharmaceutical products.

Bagel Boiler
Bagel Boiler

High capacity bagel boiling system that will create retarded and non-retarded bagels, and other dough products.

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Cannabis Industry Solutions

Improve your cannabis weighing, packaging, and inspection operations with our industry leading technologies that will help you meet demand while ensuring high quality and low giveaway.

Potato Chip Fryer
Potato Chip Fryer

This market-leading fryer is used to produce most of the world’s potato chips. As the industry standard, our potato chip fryer delivers superior product quality, clean operation, and total reliability.

Corn Products Fryer
Corn Products Fryer

Maintain frying consistency of tortilla chips, corn chips, and tostadas with an externally-heated continuous oil circulation fryer that achieves higher capacities, lower production costs, and superior product quality.

Breaded Products Fryer
Breaded Products Fryer

Efficient and superior frying of a wide variety of breaded and uncoated prepared food products.

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Contact Us & Locations

Contact Heat and Control experts located around the globe to help solve your production line challenges. Find Heat and Control locations, phone numbers, and email for questions and inquiries.

Pellet Popper
Pellet Popper

Fry-pop pellet-based snacks and extruded collets with total control to create high quality fresh product that has a long shelf life.

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Contact Parts & Service

Contact the Heat and Control spare parts and field service teams located around the globe to help keep your line running.

Oil Roaster
Oil Roaster

Specially designed for low oil volume, precise temperature control, and clean operation, this is the ideal high-capacity roaster for uniform roasting of all varieties of nut meats.

Spray Dynamics Two-Stage Coating System
Two-Stage Coating System

The Spray Dynamics Two-Stage Coating System provides consistent, uniform application of liquid and dry coatings to a variety of product applications.

Spray Dynamics Mix-Use Twin Tank Skid System
Mix-Use Twin Tank Skid System

Isolating the mixing process in separate mix and use tanks improves the consistency of the blended product. The entire tank system can be heated or chilled and can be located on a skid making it self-contained and easy to handle.

French Fry Fryer
French Fry Fryer

Choose from multi-zone and two-stage continuous high capacity fryer systems for the most uniform french fries, formed potato products, and batter-coated fries.

Dynamic Action Fryer
Dynamic Action Fryer®

Respond quickly to changing trends and get to market faster with a compact and versatile fryer that will produce many kinds of snack food products.

Fabricated Chip Fryer
Fabricated Chip Fryer

Form and fry consistently uniform stackable potato chips. Our proven continuous fryer and conveyor designs deliver identical single-curve chips with consistent color and long shelf life.

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New Products

View our latest food processing and packaging innovations technologies to help your company achieve a new level of success.

Mastermatic Nut Roasting System
Mastermatic Nut Roasting System

A turnkey system that continuously processes a variety of nuts, leading nut processors count on our roasting systems for high quality products.

Mastermatic Prepared Foods Fryer
Mastermatic Prepared Foods Fryer

Accurately control temperature and conveyor speed with this direct-heated continuous fryer that can process a wide variety of prepared food products.

Mastermatic Snack Food Fryer
Mastermatic Snack Food Fryer

Accurately control temperature and conveyor speed with this direct-heated continuous fryer that can process a wide variety of snack food products.

MasterTherm Prepared Foods Fryer
MasterTherm Prepared Foods Fryer

This thermal fluid direct heated fryer cooks each piece of product at the same temperature for consistently uniform color and texture.

Heat and Control Batch Fryer
Batch Fryer

Our Batch Fryer produces the world’s best hard-bite kettle-fried potato chips.

Mastermatic LDKF Batch Fryer
Mastermatic LDKF Batch Fryer

A compact batch fryer that will produce up to 300 lbs. (136 kg) an hour of uniform, kettle-style potato chips.

MasterTherm Kettle Fryer
MasterTherm Kettle Fryer

This thermal fluid heated kettle (batch) frying system will produce any style of kettle chips with high accuracy and consistency.

Mastermatic HD Batch Fryer
Mastermatic Heavy-Duty Batch Fryer

Our batch fryer is the ideal entry-level fryer for a new snack or prepared foods business. It's a heavy-duty fryer used for commercial batch frying and pilot production of chips, nuts, french fries, fried chicken and many other foods.

Rotary Dryer Roaster (RDR)
Rotary Dryer Roaster

A continuous multi-zone convection system that provides optimal drying/roasting in a gentle, and sanitary manner. First-in, first-out production and even heating with a smart, step-spiral, and flighted drum design achieves uniform drying and roasting.

Inspira Snack Food Bagging Machine
Inspira Series Snack Food Bagmaker

Ishida's Inspira is the world's best performing VFFS bagmaker for snack foods and offers industry leading accuracy, sealing integrity, ease of use, and productivity.

Mastermatic Compact Fryer
Mastermatic Compact Fryer

Ideal for food service and commissaries, this compact continuous multi-product fryer is an excellent alternative to batch frying.

MasterTherm Snack Food Fryer
MasterTherm Snack Food Fryer

This thermal fluid direct heated fryer cooks each piece of product at the same temperature for consistently uniform color and texture.

Mastermatic Batch Fryer
Mastermatic Batch Fryer

This compact and economical batch fryer produces superior kettle-style potato chips.

HeatWave Snack Fryer
HeatWave® Snack Fryer

A patented and proven breakthrough fryer design that cooks snacks using curtains of clean filtered oil instead of submersion. The oil enrobes your products, transferring heat quickly and uniformly. Efficiently fry with multiple curtains of oil and operate with dramatically lower oil volume than…

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Heat and Control has many strategic partners worldwide, such as Ishida and CEIA, to help provide our customers an individual solution or an entire integrated system for ultimate efficiency and performance.

Universal Product Cooker
Universal Product Cooker

This clever economical fryer utilizes independent fryer modules integrated into one continuous system, so you can produce kettle-style, traditional potato chips and other types of snacks from the one fryer.

HeatWave Pellet Snack Fryer
HeatWave® Pellet Snack Fryer

A patented and proven breakthrough fryer design that cooks pellet snacks using curtains of clean filtered oil instead of submersion. Our efficient system expands pellets with multiple curtains of oil, operating with a dramatically lower oil volume than conventional fryers.

Unitized Vacuum Fryer
Unitized Vacuum Fryer

This fryer system eliminates the external vacuum chamber, excess floor space, and labor and creates its own internal vacuum, boiling off product moisture at a lower temperature to produce snacks from high-sugar products without browning.

Taco-Form Frying System
Taco-Form® Frying System

Our fully automated and high volume taco fryer continuously forms and fries perfect taco shells.

Plantain & Banana Chip Fryer
Plantain & Banana Chip Fryer

Fry repeatably consistent plantain and banana chips with an externally-heated continuous oil circulation fryer that achieves higher capacities, lower production costs, and superior product quality.

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Kick off your new project with industry-changing equipment and technology designed for results. We engineer and manufacture modern industrial processing, coating, seasoning, conveying, weighing, packaging, inspection, and controls systems. Each piece of machinery or end-to-end system is designed…

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Stay up-to-date with Heat and Control's latest news, publications, and innovative products.

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Parts & Services

Wherever your plant is located, Heat and Control offers support for everything from spare parts and field service to engineering and application assistance.

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Products by Brand

We offer a broad range of solutions through our equipment brands and partners, FastBack, Spray Dynamics, Mastermatic, Ishida, and CEIA, each with specialists that have extensive insight and experience.

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Submit general inquiries for Heat and Control corporate, marketing, or administration related questions.

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E-mail the Heat and Control field service teams for operational questions, troubleshooting, or equipment repair. We are always here to help and support you with your production challenges.

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E-mail Heat and Control's spare parts team to help troubleshoot and identify the parts you need.

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Email the Heat and Control sales team to help you get started on your new project or to discuss an upgrade to your existing food processing and packaging equipment.

Mastermatic Continuous Paper Filter
Mastermatic Continuous Paper Filter

Continuously remove ultra-fine product particles that quickly damage oil and product quality. The disposable filter paper continuously "polishes" oil to keep your frying oil clean.

Oil Cooling Module
Oil Cooling Module

Before a fryer can be cleaned, its cooking oil should be cooled to 250°F (121°C) or less prior to draining or "thermal shock" damage to the fryer can occur. Quickly cooling oil also prolongs oil quality by reducing oxidation.

Packaging Machines Data Concentrator (PMDC)
Packaging Machines Data Concentrator (PMDC)

PMDC provides real-time information integration between Ishida packaging hall equipment and networked automation, supervisory control, and management systems.

CEIA THS/G21 Series Free-falling Products Metal Detection
THS/G21 Series Free-falling Products Metal Detection

CEIA's highly sensitive vertical metal detection of all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel for free-falling product applications, including foods, powders, granules, and other loose materials transported in gravity fed tubes.

Ishida IX-GA Series X-ray Side Beam System for Bottled Products
IX-GA Series Bottled Products X-ray Inspection System

The IX-GA offers high-sensitivity X-ray inspection of high and low-density contaminants for bottled products. The sophisticated Genetic Algorithm (GA) image processing software analysis is accurately coupled with Ishida's unique five-level image processing software safely and reliably to detect…

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Read about Heat and Control's latest news including recent announcements, product releases, and upcoming event showcases.

Continuous Paper Filter
Continuous Paper Filter

Continuously remove flour, breading crumbs, batter, nut sediment, and other fines to keep frying oil clean. The disposable filter paper continuously "polishes" oil by removing flour and other extremely fine particles.

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Training and Technical Support

Train your personnel to operate Heat and Control equipment at optimum production capacity. We help ensure the safety, productivity, and longevity of your production lines by providing skills and safety training for your personnel.

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Technical and Demonstration Centers

Test and refine your concept or product formulations and identify the ideal equipment to produce the results you want at Heat and Control's technical and demonstration centers available around the globe.

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Spare Parts

Heat and Control's spare parts team troubleshoots, identifies, and expedites parts replacement for processing, conveying, seasoning, Ishida weighing, Ishida packaging, Ishida/CEIA inspection, and controls systems equipment so you always stay at full production.

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Project Management

The Heat and Control project management team helps you ensure deadlines are met without compromising on quality, taste, or product improvements.

CEIA THS/MN21 Ferrous-in-foil Metal Detection
THS/MN21 Ferrous-in-foil Metal Detection

A reliable detector of ferrous and magnetic metal contamination for products in aluminum trays, foil, and wrappings/bags.

CEIA THS/PL21-THS/PLV21 Pipeline Metal Detection
THS/PL21-THS/PLV21 Pipeline Metal Detection

CEIA's pipeline inspection system for pumpable liquid and viscous products that detects and rejects magnetic, non-magnetic, and stainless steel contaminants.

CEIA THS/FFV21 Free-fall Metal Detection
THS/FFV21 Free-fall with Ejection Valve Metal Detection

Efficiently detect magnetic, non-magnetic, and stainless steel metal contaminants for free-falling granular and powder products with CEIA's multi-spectrum technology that both optimizes sensitivity to all metal contaminants and minimizes product effect in a very wide range of products.

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Resource Center

View Heat and Control's comprehensive collection of technical articles, brochures, videos, white papers, and more for all of our food processing, conveying, seasoning, weighing, packaging, inspection, support structures, and controls and information systems equipment.

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The Innovator Issue #1

Read about innovations in fryer systems, a wide-range of ovens, and how you can add value to your products with our coating systems for nut snacks.

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The Innovator Issue #2

Read about our latest technology for potatoes, inspection, acrylamide, weighing, and our rotary brander which can differentiate your product with an appetizing just-grilled finish.

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Ishida Atlas Series Snack Food Bagmaker
Atlas Series Snack Food Bagmaker

Ishida’s revolutionary snack bagmaking technology delivers high speeds, reliable performance, and efficient sealing to enhance your production line and to minimize raw material waste, film loss, and downtime for film changes.

Ishida Automated Snack Food Case Packer ACP-700 Series
Automated Snack Food Case Packer ACP-700 Series

Realize the benefits of leveraged automation and dependable case packing for small and large bag sizes and multiple pack patterns with a machine that has one of the industry’s smallest footprint.

CEIA THS/21E Series Metal Detection
THS/21E Series Metal Detection

An entry-level CEIA metal detector with single- and multi-frequency technology, that offers maximum sensitivity for detection of contaminating metals, both magnetic and non-magnetic, and high-resistivity stainless steel.

Dual Axis Funnel Follower
Dual Axis Funnel Follower

Precisely transfer weighed portions of a wide variety of food products from your weigher into trays, bowls, or cartons.

CEIA Conveyor Belt Metal Detection
Conveyor Belt Metal Detection

CEIA's conveyor inspection systems detect and eject magnetic, non-magnetic and stainless steel metal contaminants in food products while satisfying the most stringent requirements for functionality, hygiene, accuracy, and reliability.

Product Transfer Shuttle
Product Transfer Shuttle

Precisely deposit product from your weigher to multiple filling positions on intermittent motion horizontal bagging or thermoforming packaging machines.

Rotary Can Filler
Rotary Can Filler

This continuous motion rotary can indexing and filling system delivers precise net weight packaging of dry free-flowing products into cans, jars, or canisters.

Ishida TSC-RVS In-line Seal Checker
TSC-RVS In-line Seal Checker

Accurate leak detection, gentle bag handling, and user-friendly operation delivers superior quality control on high-speed packaging lines up to 150 bags per minute.

Rotary Salad Filler
Rotary Salad Filler

Ishida's Rotary Salad Filler offers an automatic, high speed solution for filling of a variety of salad products into preformed trays or bowls.

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