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Rotary Dryer Roaster for nuts, jerky, meat/protein based snacks

Discover new product opportunities with the RDR

Take advantage of Heat and Control's latest dry roasting innovation: a continuous multi-zone convection dryer roaster.

Expand your portfolio confidently with the performance and the support of the global leader in complete food processing and packaging solutions. 

Advantages of RDR

Multiple processing zones

Multi-zone heating capability provides full control of process variables for a variety of product characteristics

Product focused heating

Maximize heat transfer and reduce heat loss with heated air that's focused into the product bed and nowhere else

Increased product consistency

First-in, first-out production and positive temperature control achieves uniform drying and roasting

The RDR advances our snack line capability, enabling us to offer an end-to-end solution for seasoned and coated nut snacks, including frying, dryer/roasting, seasoning, coating, conveying, weighing, packaging, case packing, inspection, and controls.

Ideal Applications

Roasted nuts
Dry roasting of nuts and seeds, including the dough coated styles
Jerky and meat chips
Drying of meat and poultry to create products, such as jerky and meat chips
Pet food and treats
Drying of pet products to create food and treats
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