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September 26, 2017

Heat and Control's global and historical footprint continues to grow. Year after year, the company celebrates another successful milestone in its 65 plus years of value-added service to the food processing and packaging industry…and 2017 is no exception. 

25 years ago, at a time when South Africa was experiencing a rapid transition in its political and economic landscape, Heat and Control opened an office in one of the country's most historical and picturesque cities, Cape Town. The company had already been supporting the African market since the late 1970's via their European operations aided by a local agent. However, by 1992 the time was right to establish a dedicated team and office to support the local region.

Heat and Control in Africa works with customers across many market segments, including snack; fruit and vegetable; meat, poultry and seafood; cereals and grain. In this region, Heat and Control has supplied multi-tier drying systems to a major breakfast cereal processing company; distribution systems for a multinational frozen vegetable processor; and complete turnkey processing lines for a multinational savoury snack processor. Heat and Control's footprint today stretches across Africa and into various industries, even providing services to the growing Indian-based snack food industry, through its experience with Indian namkeen production capabilities.

"When we first opened our office in 1992, we had a small team who worked hard to grow our customer base," says Jeff Rossouw, General Manager, Africa. "By bringing in our global experience and in-depth knowledge, it helped us to service the expanding South African food processing industry. Our customers saw the value we could bring to the table and before long we were working with some of the country's most progressive food manufacturers."

And with the industry continuing to grow, Heat and Control is ready to tackle the challenges of this ever-expanding industry.

"We are seeing an upward trend in the demand for high quality food processing equipment across Africa," says Jeff. "Producers want highly efficient, robust equipment that can handle the wide array of food products to satisfy consumer needs. They want machines that are energy efficient, provide greater automation and produce more in a shorter amount of time. Heat and Control is able to meet this demand with our invaluable industry knowledge and complete turnkey solutions. We are definitely ready for the next 25 years and beyond."

Founded in 1950 by five engineers who had the goal of modernising cooking equipment for the food industry, Heat and Control has played an integral role during the early days of industrial cooking systems transforming the food processing industry and pioneering continuous cooking equipment.

Heat and Control innovations include pioneering the external heat exchanger for industrial frying systems, high-speed processing equipment for potato chips and other snacks, and the invention of the multi-purpose oven, the MPO Cooking System. More recent innovations include the HeatWave fryer, FastBack conveyor, Revolution Seasoning System and Revolution® Proportional Gate and the KleenHeat heat exchanger.

"Through our customer relationships, we truly embrace the African proverb, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,'" concludes Jeff.

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