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October 10, 2016

Introducing the latest salad packaging system from Ishida: the Rotary Salad Filler offers an automatic, high speed solution for filling trays with salad products.

Packing salad into trays is challenging due to the fact that salad leaf has a free flowing volume that can be up to three times the volume of the tray, which means the leaf does not naturally fit into the confines of the tray and easily spills over. Ishida has extensive experience in weighing and packing salad products and has now set the standard for salad weighing and filling into preformed trays.

This system automatically fills salad into preformed trays at high speeds with minimum spillage. With up to 50 trays per minute per lane on all pack formats, the system uses state of the art combination weighing combined with the Rotary Salad Filler for packing salad into trays cleanly and efficiently.

Ishida Rotary Salad Filler

The Rotary Salad Filler accepts preformed trays which can be fed by hand or via an automatic denesting system. The filler then fills the tray via an Ishida combination weigher and tamps (settles) the product twice to ensure it is fully in the tray. Trays are then lowered at the exit of the machine to ensure all product remains in the tray.

The machine has been designed for the standard market tray sizes (from 5-16 oz.), trays can be narrow or wide edge leading and is suitable for tray sealing, ultrasonic sealing or shrink banding.

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