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November 18, 2004

The date November 18th, 2004 was a significant milestone for Heat and Control in China, ushering in the commencement of operation of the new factory. It is no coincidence that 18 was selected because in "feng shui" terms, it means prosperity every day. Even the company name in Chinese has been carefully researched to do more than merely comply with the registration requirements in China. The first two words "Rui Kong" sound like Heat and Control in Chinese; meaning "Good Omen and Control".

The factory will be progressively equipped with the same cutting-edge manufacturing machinery used elsewhere in Heat and Control, and over the next twelve months we will be fitting out another Technical Center allowing our customers to perform product trials and view demonstrations in China.

The formal Grand Opening of the Factory is planned towards middle of 2005 when customers will be invited to inspect both the factory and the equipment produced at that time.

New Heat and Control Nanjing China Facility

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