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Digital Sorters from Key Technology
Digital Sorting

Digital Sorting

Key Technology's automated digital sorters identify and remove objects based on color, structure, shape, and size at a significantly faster rate than manual inspection. Consistent identification of foreign objects enables food processors to produce the same high quality product, day after day. The wide range of sorters ensures you can find the right system for your specific product control needs.

Veryx Digital Sorter – Belt Fed and Chute Fed
Veryx® Digital Sorter – Belt Fed and Chute Fed
Optyx Sorter
Optyx® Sorter
ADR Module
ADR® Integrated System
Vibratory Conveyors from Key Technology
Vibratory Conveying

Vibratory Conveying

Key Technology’s range of vibratory conveyors improve sanitation and maximize uptime with an easy-to-clean manufacturing design. Every system is engineered to efficiently handle multiple types of products at varying capacities and is built with Smart Shaker® intelligence to ensure low maintenance and high productivity.

Iso-Flo Vibratory Conveyors
Iso-Flo® Vibratory Conveyors
Impulse Electromagnetic Conveyors
Impulse® Electromagnetic Conveyors
Food Processing Solutions from Key Technology
Processing Solutions

Processing Solutions

The Sliver Sizer Remover is an innovative rotary machine which transfers product and removes material or debris using stainless steel rollers. It provides the efficient removal of slivers, fines, chips and can size and grade potato products.

Sliver Sizer Remover
Sliver Sizer Remover
Key Technology



Key Technology provides innovative digital sorting, conveying, grading and process automation technologies for fruits and vegetables, nuts, fresh-cut produce and more.

Heat and Control and Key Technology Partnership

Advancing Together

Heat and Control provides sales and service of Key Technology equipment in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and India. We work closely with Key to bring new technologies and solutions that improve quality control, increase yield, and reduce costs.

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