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Ishida ACP-700 Automated Case Packer

Case packing automation for your snack food line

The snack industry can now realize the benefits of more efficient case packing for small and large bag sizes and multiple pack patterns with Ishida’s Snack Food Case Packer. With toolless three-minute changeovers and zero change parts, Ishida significantly improves production output.

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Case Packing Machine - Small and large bag sizes, multiple pack patterns

See how the ACP-700 can automate your case packing

The Ishida Snack Food Case Packer will open the corrugated blank carton, put bags into the carton in a desired pack pattern, and close the carton. Snack manufacturers can now realize the benefits of leveraged automation and dependable case packing for small and large bag sizes and multiple pack patterns with a machine that has one of the industry’s smallest footprint.

Robust design features

Case erector and closing machine
Integrated case erector and closing mechanism included
Vacuum-free bag handling
Stable and robust vacuum-free bag handling
Case packing machine with large color touchscreen display
Intuitive large color touch display

Integrated snack packaging solutions

Integrated Snack Packaging Line

Leveraged and predictive automation with seamless integration alongside other Ishida packaging equipment, including weigher, bagmaker, and seal checker.


Ishida Inspira Snack Food Bagmaker

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