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From masa production to forming, toasting, conditioning, frying, seasoning, packaging, inspection and controls, Heat and Control® provides all the equipment and services required to make the highest quality corn products such as tortilla chips, taco shells, tostadas, tortillas, and more. At TIA 2018 we showcased some our latest and most innovative solutions. Contact us to learn more »

Heat and Control Booth at TIA 2018

FastBack, CEIA, Ishida and Spray Dynamics

Corn Masa Maker™ System
Visitors learned about our NEW patent pending technology that makes a variety of corn masa's from varying corn types using a unique process that does not require cooking, simmering, or soaking.


Our Masa Maker is the world's first corn masa making system that creates fresh masa in a fraction of the time using virtually no water and at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional systems.


Improvement on return on investment:

  • Increases production flexibility
  • Increases water savings
  • Increases operational savings
  • Reduces energy consumption

Flexibility and quality control:

  • Eliminates the need to buy masa flour
  • Creates fresh masa that meets your needs
  • Produces masa on demand
  • Keeps production costs consistent

Broad application potential:

  • Includes tortilla chips, tortilla chips with inclusions, corn chips, taco and formed shells, corn crackers, totopos, corn churritos, extruded, extruded round, and rolled corn products.

Snack Packaging Innovations
Heat and Control had solutions from the world's leading snack packaging systems manufacturer on display, including an Ishida® multihead weigher (CCW) and the NEW Inspira VFFS snack Bagmaker. Our experts were on-hand to discuss packaging room systems, from in-feed to the Case Packer, and everything in between.

New Ishida Inspira Bagmaker (on display)
Inspira is the next evolution of vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagmakers and further improves accuracy, sealing integrity, ease of use, and productivity.

New Ishida Snack Food Case Packer
Integrated case erection and closing mechanism provides leveraged automation and dependable case packing for small and large bag sizes and multiple pack patterns.
Snack Packaging Solutions

Corn Processing Solutions
Attendees were able to learn about Heat and Control's world renowned sheeters, conditiorners, ovens, and snack fryers and why they are chosen to produce most of the world's tortilla chips and formed products. Processing technology experts were available to discuss the latest in corn and tortilla chip processing technology.


Corn Processing and Frying

Seasoning & Coating Systems
Heat and Control's snack seasoning solutions included the FastBack® All-in-One Revolution® On-Machine Seasoning System and the Spray Dynamics®' Drum Coating System which provides consistent, uniform, and increased seasoning coverage for many kinds of snack products.


Corn Product Seasoning Equipment

Product Handling & Conveying
Visitors saw Heat and Control's latest innovations for conveying, product handling, and control and information systems, such as the FastBack 260E G3 Horizontal Motion Conveyor, which provides the fastest product travel rate of any horizontal motion conveyor and the FastBack Revolution Gate, which keeps the main product supply flowing as it allocates proportional amounts to individual weighing/packaging stations.


Tortilla Chip Conveying

Food Inspection Systems
When it comes to food safety, Heat and Control provides the industry's most sensitive and reliable equipment with the latest inspection technology and offers sales, demonstrations, service, parts, and training on industry leading CEIA® metal detectors, Ishida checkweighers, and Ishida X-ray systems.


Corn Product Inspection Systems

Why Heat and Control?

Heat and Control is one of the world's leading manufacturers of food processing, seasoning, coating, handling, packaging, and inspection equipment.


Global manufacturing footprint of more than 78,100 m2 (840,900 ft2)–the world's widest selection of food production machinery


More than 67 years of experience and expertise in project management, installation, and commissioning


Consistent results with the highest operational and safety standards

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