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Supply Side West 2018

Heat and Control

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In case you missed us...
Heat and Control showcased our latest and most innovative quality control and inspection systems to improve product safety and to increase market share, profit margins, and efficiencies.



Ishida Inspection Systems

Ishida X-ray Inspection
Find foreign objects, including metal, glass, bone, plastic, hard rubber, shell, and stones. Or detect product defects, such as cracks, voids, missing items, and improper weights.


Ishida Checkweighers Verify product weight, count, or missing items with DACS checkweighers. User-friendly controls include advanced data collection and management features.

Ishida Pharmaceutical Inspection

Metal Detection for Product Safety

CEIA Metal Detectors

CEIA Metal Detection
The world's largest manufacturer of metal detectors, with more than 90,000 units installed. CEIA PH21-Series pharmaceutical metal detectors deliver unparalleled sensitivity to all metals and provide high throughput rates for pills, tablets, and capsules. In addition, CEIA offers a complete range of solutions for packaged and non-packaged tablets, powders, liquids, and other products; all solutions are FDA 21 CFR compliant.

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