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"Heat and Control has supported us completely as a good partner in getting the most out of our equipment."
—Jeff Schnack
President, NRE World Bento
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Navigator Training Program: Course Overview

Operator Training       (1 day)

Operator Training
Maintenance Training
Navigator Training CD
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This program not available for customers in Europe, the Middle East & most of Asia.
Maximum class size — 6 persons

Course Content:

  • Equipment Overview
  • Safety Procedures
  • Machine Parts and Functions
  • Operator Controls
  • Operating Procedures
  • Changeover Procedures
  • Error Clearing
  • Sanitation Procedures

Maintenance Training       (3 days)
Maximum class size — 6 persons

Course Content:

  • Operation Theory
  • Safety Procedures
  • Machine Parts and Functions
  • Operating Procedures
  • Adjustments and Calibrations
  • Changeover Procedures
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Machine Control Units
  • Lubrication Procedures
  • Extensive Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Procedures

Navigator Training
Maximum class size — 6 persons

The Navigator Training program offers the same excellent training as the Maintenance Training program with one special twist. This training includes our very interactive Navigator Training CD for in-plant follow-up.

The CCW Navigator includes over 1100 electronic pages of vital info:

  • RCU screens interactive to simulate production
  • Principles of weighing, safety, and component identification
  • Various maintenance procedures described in detailed steps
  • Error message correction hints
  • Troubleshooting step-by-step guidelines
  • All pages are printable

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