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"Testing at Heat and Control's Hayward facility (Technical Center) was truly the decision maker for this project. Having the equipment set up as it would be in a production facility gave us the opportunity to test our products through several scenarios achieving optimal results. Heat and Control's pilot plant technologist was over-accommodating and extremely knowledgeable about frying processes, which very quickly helped us dial in the roast and color qualities we were looking for."
—Matt Spence
Operations Manager, Kar Nut

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Heat and Control Technical Centers

Scenes from Heat and Control's Technical Centers
Apply the latest frying, oven, coating, branding and searing technologies to your products in a relaxed environment that promotes product development and innovation.

Product Development

Bring in a concept or product and use actual production machinery to refine your formulation and identify the equipment that produces the results you want.


Evaluate equipment performance and develop new products without interrupting production schedules at your plant.


Perform detailed laboratory analyses of the cooking processes and their effects on product moisture, fat content, taste, mouthfeel and finished yield.

Expert Staff

Our experienced staff will assist you with all aspects of food processing. If you cannot schedule a visit, send your product and we will perform the desired tests and quickly return your finished samples and a detailed report.

Strictly Confidential

Your visit, activities and test results are completely confidential, making our Technical Centers the ideal environment for research and development work.

Schedule a Visit

You need not be a current Heat and Control customer to use our Technical Centers. Fill out our request form or call for a test or demonstration using your company's product.
Types of foods you can test:
Vegetable products
Home meal replacement items
Frozen foods
Snack foods
Baked products
Utilities Available:
Hot water
Natural gas
Pressurized air
Hydraulic power
Analysis Capabilities:
Oil content
Specific gravity
Free fatty acids
Peroxide value
Sieve analysis
Equipment Available*:
AirForce® impingement ovens
MPO Cooking System® convection oven
Spiral oven
Continuous frying systems
Batch fryers
Direct flame searer
Rotary Brander
SureCoat® batter & breading applicators
*Check availability of specific machinery when scheduling a visit. You may also bring your own specialized equipment.

For packaging, weighing and inspection read about our Demonstration RoomsMore on food product development technical centers

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