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"We have increased belt life to 8 months since switching to the SureCoat breaders. We run our breading applicators up to 16 consecutive hours each day. Any time a breader belt fails the entire line must be shut down for belt replacement, and that quickly gets very expensive. Longer belt life is a big improvement, and the SureCoat breaders have proved to be reliable and durable." ..."We are also very pleased with the service and support provided by Heat and Control."
—Martin Beringer
Process Improvement Manager,
Brakebush Brothers, Inc.
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Seasoning & Coating Systems

Seasoning and Coating Systems Batter and Breading Applicators Spray Dynamics Seasoning and Coating Systems Powder-On-Demand Revolution On-Machine Seasoning System In-Kitchen Seasoning Systems

In-Kitchen Seasoning and Salting Equipment

Evenly apply salt and seasonings to snacks, baked, and other foods as they leave your processing and cooking equipment. Fully adjustable and easy to clean, our over-the-conveyor and tumble drum applicators are available in many designs for new and existing lines.

Spray Dynamics Flavoring and Coating Equipment

Spray Dynamics LogoSpray Dynamics is a leading innovator of equipment for the controlled application of liquid and dry ingredients on a wide range of food products. Spray Dynamics applicators for powdered seasonings, oil and water-based coatings, slurries, chocolate, yogurt, release agents, and many other coatings are designed to optimize the efficiency and quality of your process and finished products.

On-Machine Seasoning Equipment

FastBack LogoAccurately apply seasonings just before they enter the weigher to provide: Increased production uptime, just in time inventory, reduced warehousing, decreased change-over time, improved production versatility and many other benefits.

Batter and Breading Applicators

Heat and Control's innovative coating applicators eliminate jamming and are easily cleaned for a rapid product changeovers. Open and easy access to all areas on each applicator facilitates thorough sanitation. The ultimate multi-taskers, each applicator handles a variety of coatings for all types of products, formed or natural. Coating coverage is consistently uniform, even within product cavities and at high production rates.

Seasoning & Coating Systems

  In-Kitchen Seasoning Systems
  Spray Dynamics Seasoning Systems
  On-Machine Seasoning Systems
  Batter & Breading Applicators
  Controls & Information Systems
Revolution On-Machine Seasoning System
See a video of our FastBack Revolution
On-Machine Seasoning System
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