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Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger: Enlargement

1. Oven exhaust enters the ERHX at 700-900įF.

2. Cooking oil is preheated by exhaust gases before entering the heat exchanger for final heating.

3. Pre-heated cooking oil is heated to the desired operating temperature, reducing the firing rate, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions of the heat exchanger.

4. Heated oil enters the fryer.

5. Cooking oil from the fryer returns to the ERHX for pre-heating.

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Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger

Model ERHX  

Right now, your processing line is generating unused heat that can significantly reduce your production costs. Ovens waste millions of BTUs in exhaust emissions that can be utilized with our Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger (ERHX) to pre-heat your fryer systemís cooking oil, heat water for sanitation, or heat your building.

A leading tortilla chip processor using the ERHX has reduced annual fuel costs 20% on one processing line (about 20 billion BTUs per year) and dramatically reduced heat exchanger CO2 emissions. Contact us to learn how to improve the sustainability of your production line.

Energy Recovery Heat Exchangers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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