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Improve processing consistency & reduce waste by uniformly delivering potatoes to your slicers

Slicer Feeder: Enlargement

Consistent production
Consistent potato chip frying, seasoning and packaging all depend on how evenly potatoes enter your system. The Slicer Feeder continuously meters an even, uninterrupted supply of potatoes to one or more slicers to ensure optimal line operation and chip quality.
Gentle handling
Flighted conveyor belt gently elevates potatoes without fall-back. A variable speed drive with remote control and tachometer adjusts the product transfer rate.
Low maintenance
Rugged stainless steel construction provides a long and reliable service life.
Auto level control
A level sensor maintains an even potato level in the hopper for consistent loading of conveyor flights. Water sprays rinse potatoes before slicing to reduce scrap transfer.
Multiple outlets
Discharge chutes in side-by-side or tandem arrangements feed one or more slicers. A pneumatic diverter gate routes potatoes to different discharge chutes for slicer servicing without interrupting production.

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Slicer Feeder

Improve processing consistency & reduce waste by uniformly delivering potatoes to your slicers
Model SF  

Slicer Feeders are available with different outlet configurations for 400 to 6,500 lb/hr potato chip lines.

Accessories & Options
Available as free-standing units or in small modular systems
Single or multiple outlets
Slicer Auger Feeder - for optimal slicing efficiency with minimal scrap
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Slicer Feeders can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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