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Drastically reduce your potato costs or get thousands of
extra pounds of chips!

VersaPeel® Batch Peeler: Enlargement

Get More Chips From Your Potatoes!
VersaPeel can deliver thousands of pounds of additional product each year from the same amount of potatoes you are now using!
1/2% to 3% peel loss
Depending on the quality, size and storage duration of your potatoes, VersaPeel can reduce peel loss to as low as ˝% on fresh potatoes and as low as 3% on certain storage potatoes. Yield savings can pay for a VersaPeel in as little as one year.
Delivers smooth, natural shaped potatoes
Improves slicer efficiency
Cleaner line operation
VersaPeel® delivers superior peeling control and simple, reliable performance

VersaPeel® Batch Peeler: detail #1
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VersaPeel® Batch Peeler

Drastically reduce your potato costs or  get thousands of<br> extra pounds of chips!
Model VP  

With VersaPeel, you'll use fewer potatoes to meet your current production goals or produce thousands of extra pounds of chips without using more potatoes!

VersaPeel progressively peels and polishes potatoes, rapidly removing peel - even from eyes and recesses. Product never "short circuits" or bounces to escape peeling and flat spots are virtually eliminated.

Finished potatoes have a smooth surface and retain their original shape. This greatly improves slicer yield and minimizes scrap generation, so the cost of cleaning your entire line is also reduced.

Accessories & Options
Continuous Peelers
Single and 2-stage batch peelers
Entire potato systems
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VersaPeel® Batch Peelers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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