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Quick, controlled peel removal with minimal yield loss for potatoes, beets, and other produce

Batch Peelers: Enlargement

Repeatable control
Adjustable batch size and dwell time assure repeatable peeling quality. Abrasive surfaces are easily changed to suit product requirements.
Less floorspace
Compact design requires less floorspace than a continuous peeler. 26" and 36" diameter models are available for up to 7,000 lbs/hr of potatoes.
Easy cleaning
All abrasive surfaces can be easily removed for cleaning. Batching hopper pivots for complete access to the peeler. Durable stainless steel construction features covers that remain in place during washdown.
Two-stage peeling
Using two Batch Peelers in tandem provides superior control with less scrap transferred to downstream equipment. Coarse abrasive in the first peeler rapidly removes peel. Fine abrasive in the second peeler polishes product surfaces so fewer fines are discharged and product absorbs less oil when fried.

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Batch Peelers: detail #1
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Batch Peelers: detail #2
Custom systems are available with two-stage batch peelers
Wave shape abrasive aluminum disc mobilizes product for uniform peel removal.
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Batch Peelers

Quick, controlled peel removal with minimal yield loss for potatoes, beets, and other produce
Model BP  

Product is confined inside a peeling chamber to deliver greater control than continuous peelers. Product does not escape peeling by bouncing on abrasive rollers. A wave shaped abrasive disc mobilizes product to expose all surfaces to the abrasive cylinder wall for uniform peel removal.

Accessories & Options
Variable speed disc drive
Diverting/timing hopper
Inspection and transfer conveyors
Custom designed peeling systems
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Batch Peelers can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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