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Cooking oil pump sets provide reliable fresh oilmake-up
and transfer for fryer systems.

Oil Transfer and Make-Up Pumps

To maintain a consistent oil level in the fryer, our fresh oil make-up set uses a positive displacement pump with pressure relief valve. Pump operation is activated by a separate automatic oil level control system mounted on the fryer.

Centrifugal pump sets are available to transfer oil between the fryer system and storage tanks during fryer cleaning or non-operation.

All pump sets are ready-to-install and available in cast iron or sanitary stainless steel construction. Each set includes a pump, guarded coupling, and motor fully assembled and mounted to a rugged metal base. Interconnecting valves, fittings, wiring and piping are provided by customer.

Oil Transfer and Make-Up Pumps: detail #1
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Oil Transfer and Make-Up Pumps

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Cooking oil pump sets are available for nearly every fryer application. Or include them with all oil control, filtration, heating and storage equipment in a single Fryer Support Module.

Diagram descriptions (center-bottom):

1. Bulk oil storage or make-up oil tank.
2. Fryer system oil storage tank.
3. Make-up transfer pump.
4. Storage-to-fryer transfer pump.
5. Fryer-to-storage transfer pump.
6. Main oil circulating pump.
7. Optional heat exchanger transfer pump.

Constant improvement and engineering innovations mean these specifications may change without notice.

Accessories & Options
Fryer Support Module
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Oil Transfer and Make-Up Pumps can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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