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Recipe-driven, continuous, simmer/soak-free system turns dry, clean corn into fresh masa in minutes not hours

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Increases production flexibility
Significantly reduce processing time to create masa, using corn grain

Increases water savings
Reduce water use to only what is needed as a recipe ingredient and sanitation eliminating water waste

Increases operational savings
Reduce cost of production and sanitation

Reduces energy consumption
Eliminate steam generator, simmer kettles, and soak tanks

Eliminates the need to buy masa flour
Create quality fresh masa yourself

Creates fresh masa that meets your needs
Control masa quality and flavor profiles to match your recipe

Produces masa on demand
Flexible and fast response to production requirements

Consistent production costs
Masa Maker offers measurable ROI and consistent production costs


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With no steam generators, simmer kettles, soak tanks, or washers, manufacturers can use their floor space to expand operations. Also, total water requirement is reduced, and financial and environmental costs of waste-water disposal are nearly gone, making a more sustainable method of corn masa production.
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Corn Masa Maker System CMMS

Recipe-driven, continuous, simmer/soak-free system turns dry, clean corn into fresh masa in <u>minutes</u> not hours
Model CMMS  

The Masa Maker is the world's first corn masa making system that creates fresh, high quality masa in a fraction of the time compared to traditional systems. From dry corn to fresh masa in minutes not hours, Masa Maker applies a patent pending technology to a variety of corn types to make masa.

From masa production to forming, toasting, conditioning, frying, seasoning, packaging, inspection and controls. Heat and Control provides all the equipment and services required to make the highest quality corn products such as tortilla chips, taco and formed shells, tostadas, tortillas, corn chips, corn churritos, extruded, and rolled corn products.

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Corn Products Conditioner
Tortilla Toaster Oven
ParagonŽ Sheeters
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Corn Masa Maker System CMMS can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.

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