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Produce fresh masa in minutes without high water usage

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No corn simmering, soaking or washing

Major water savings

No effluent discharge

No steam generator

Lower cost than using pre-dried masa flour

Contact us for Masa Maker demonstration
Visit our technical center in Guadalajara, Mexico to see how Masa Maker can produce customized masa formulations for many different types of corn products.

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For tortillas, tacos, tortilla chips and strips, and other corn products.
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Masa Maker

Produce fresh masa in minutes without high water usage
Model Masa Maker  

Masa Maker is the sustainable future of corn masa production.

It eliminates wasteful water usage and effluent surcharges to produce fresh masa on demand from corn kernels in minutes, not hours.

Using water only as an ingredient, Masa Maker allows you to create customized masa formulations with your own brand of flavor and texture.

Masa Makers can be custom designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our Technical Centers worldwide.
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