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Delivers high quality homogeneous masa for chips, shells, tortillas and other corn products

Corn Mill

High capacity, low wear aluminum oxide mill stones
Aluminum oxide mill stones offer exceptionally low wear. Grind consistency is maintained for months before stone reconditioning is required.
Precision-machined quill adjustment system for mill stone clearance
Calibrated locking handwheel adjusts the clearance between mill stones for consistent particle size. Continual readjustment is unnecessary.
Maintains consistent particle size without frequent adjustment
Extremely rigid frame design keeps mill stones parallel for unequaled grind uniformity. Since stones never touch, product contamination and stone damage is eliminated.
Glutton for punishment
Rugged, anti-corrosive stainless steel construction of frame, auger, and hoppers.

Corn Mill: detail #1
Aluminum oxide mill stones deliver superior grind consistency for months before reconditioning.
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Corn Mill

Delivers high quality homogeneous masa for chips, shells, tortillas and other corn products
Model CM  

Part of Heat and Controlís complete corn processing system, this heavy-duty Corn Mill delivers precise grinding control for consistently homogeneous masa from cooked corn.

Features such as alumnium oxide mill stones, calibrated locking handwheel and extremely rigid frame guarantees consistent particle size, durability and low maintenance.

Water addition system with flow meter precisely controls masa moisture content. Sealed auger and main shaft prevent water damage to bearings. Covered auger and hoppers promote operator safety.

Fixed speed drive system available with 30, 50 or 60 HP (22, 37 or 45 KW) heavy duty motors.

Accessories & Options
Masa Pump
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Corn Mills can be designed to suit many applications. Test your products at any of our demonstration centers worldwide.
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